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[McIDAS #IWJ-443798]: MCIDAS Software Upgrade at NGC

Hi Martha,

> We continue to get data okay, but we noticed that the file naming conventions 
> have changed.

The action in pqact.conf_nnexrad_file was designed to be a guide for what one 
could do,
not a requirement.  You can change the naming in pqact.conf_nnexrad_file to 
the existing ADDE dataset setup by:

- edit ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf_nnexrad_file

- after you have made your changes, run:

  ldmadmin pqactcheck

  If no errors are reported, run:

  ldmadmin pqactHUP

> When XCD files the data, we get files named like this
> lwx_20120110_1428.n0r in /data/nexrad/LWX/N0R
> Now that LDM is filing the data, we are getting files with names like
> N0R_20120118_1613     in /data/nexrad/LWX/N0R

Hmm... given that the DMNEXR approach was writing the NEXRAD station ID
in lower case ('lwx' instead of the 'LWX' pattern included in the LDM/IDD
Product ID), you really might be better off redefining your ADDE dataset.

> How do we set up the ADDE datasets on NOAAPXCD so that the new file naming 
> conventions
> are used?

Given that the data are already organized by station and product type, the
regular expression for the product can be as simple as:

"<description of the product>

Of course, this assumes that no other files are written into the directories.

I believe that I added support for the replaceable '\id' and '\type' meaning
the same things as '\ID' and '\TYPE' except that the value is all lower case.
I can't remember for sure, however, so you will have to do some testing.
If this is available and really the way it works, then you can more clearly
specify the name of the files.  Here is an example:

DIRFILE=/data/nexrad/\ID/\TYPE/\id_*.\type "<description of the product>

This is not needed, however, if all that is in the directories is the
Level III products themselves.

The quickest way to change the ADDE dataset definition is to edit the
~mcidas/workdata/RESOLV.SRV file directly.  If you decide to do this, you MUST
be careful to not make a mistake (like leaving off the trailing ',' (comma))
as no dataset definition past the mistake will be useful.


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