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[McIDAS #IWJ-443798]: MCIDAS Software Upgrade at NGC

Hi Martha,

re: how you are processing the NEXRAD Level III data
> No, we continued to use the hybrid scheme and are letting DMNEXR file the 
> data.

OK.  I must have transposed what some other side was/is doing for you.

> I think it
> may be time to go the route you suggest, and let ldm file it, if Randy agrees.
> Can you tell us how to go about this in the ldmd.conf file and pqacnt.conf 
> file?

The Unidata McIDAS distribution has an example pattern-action file that can
be adopted/modified/used for processing the NEXRAD Level III data:

After a Unidata McIDAS installation, the file in question will be found in:


As you will see, the action in the file is very simple:

# All NEXRAD Level III products
NNEXRAD ^SDUS[23578]. .... ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-6][0-9]).*/p(...)(...)
        FILE    -close

All you would have to do adopt use of this method is:

- copy pqact.conf_nnexrad_file to the ~ldm/etc directory

- add an 'EXEC' line to the ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file:

EXEC   "pqact -f NEXRAD3 etc/pqact.conf_nnexrad_file'

Being able to successfully use this EXEC of pqact to process the
NEXRAD Level III data assumes two things:

- the environment variable LDMHOME was defined in your 'ldm' login
  when the ~ldm/ldm-<version>/src/configure script was run

- you have modified (if needed) the directory into which the LDM will
  FILE Level III products

Important Note:

- you will have to setup a scour action for the directories that will
  be created with the action suggested

  The Unidata McIDAS distribution contains a couple of Tcl scripts that
  are designed to be run out of cron in the 'ldm' account to scour
  various types of data.

  After a Unidata McIDAS installation, these scripts will be found in
  the ~mcidas/bin directory:


  Here is the cron entry we run 'scourBYday' to scour our NEXRAD Level III

00 0-23/3 * * * util/scourBYday    data/mcidas/images/NIDS      1

  This entry keeps 1 (one) day of Level III data on line.  If you want to
  keep more days, simply increase the second value passed to the script
  to the number of days you want to keep


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