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[McIDAS #OWN-737162]: how to install McIdas

Hi Dan,

> Thanks so much Tom. I should have been a bit clearer. I dont need McIdas
> to view the imagery, I need it to view the orbital tracks.  For example,
> I've been using this site   http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/datacenter/npp/  to
> look at which time segments of NPP data to order to obtain VIIRS
> imagery, however, I have been working
> with regions in the Antarctic which, as you can see, are not well
> represented with the projections that are used by SSEC.

OK, lots of new information... information is good! :-)

I just went to the site you referenced above, and clicked on the
Antarctic link on the left and see nice orbital tracks over
Antarctica.  For instance, here is a URL for the forecast tracks
for 12/23:


Is this not useful to you?

By the way, the GIF image in the the link I provided was created by
McIDAS-X (I can tell by the characteristic labeling at the bottom
of the GIF).

> I was told that
> I could use McIdas to ingest 2 line ephemeris
> data and then view the orbits using a more suitable projection.

What projection would be more suitable than the one above (just
curious)?  I accept that the global lat,lon projection is not
very easy on the eye for tracks covering the poles.

What you were told is true, and the McIDAS version that was probably
being referred to was McIDAS-X.

> Does this change your previous recommendations ?

Perhaps.  I have never used either IDV or McIDAS-V to plot polar orbiter
tracks, so I am not sure if this is actually possible.  I have used both
to plot polar orbiter data both on a flat map and on top of an interactive

> I have my own analysis, viewing software for the actual data.

OK, this should make a big difference.

Using McIDAS-X would be like using a sledge hammer to drive a brad.
The package is large and there is a learning curve that would be
acceptable if you were going to use McIDAS-X to analyze your data.
Since you only want to see orbiter tracks, there must be a simpler

Again, is the Antarctica projection available in the Antarctic link
on the middle left hand side of http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/datacenter/npp/
not useful?  If not, why not (again, just curious).


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