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[McIDAS #OWN-737162]: how to install McIdas

Hi Dan,

> My machine now has a mcidas user.

Very good.  For reference, my advising that a 'mcidas' account needed to
be created was based on your original email that expressed interest/intention
to install McIDAS-X.  This email gives me a little more insight in what
you are seeking to accomplish.

> I'm not sure which version to
> download and install (V,X,XRD, etc). The only application that I
> currently have is to be able to view polar orbiter (MODIS,NPP) orbits on
> a polar projection.

OK.  This is easily done in McIDAS-X, McIDAS-V or the IDV.

> I'd like to spend as little time as possible on the learning curve.

As do we all! :-)

> Can you recommend which version to install and perhaps a
> learning approach which would steer me towards my objective ?

Given this (re)statement of what you want to do, I would recommend
installing either McIDAS-V or the IDV.  Not knowing exactly what you
want to do with an analysis tool (visualizing MODIS imagery seems
to me to be the first thing you will want to do, but I would guess that
it will not be the only thing that you will want to do) makes me a
bit uneasy make a hard recommendation. Since McIDAS-V is based on the
IDV, the choice for which of these two applications to use for routine
things like visualizing satellite imagery is more-or-less a toss-up.

If you foresee that you will want to do analysis with multi/hyper-spectral
data, I would recommend that you install McIDAS-V.


- McIDAS-V is supported by the McIDAS Users Group (MUG) of the Space
  Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin
  at Madison, not by Unidata.  I can help out some with your use of
  McIDAS-V, but SSEC is the support focal point for McIDAS-V.

  The starting point for using McIDAS-V can be found at:


  The MUG's support for general use of McIDAS-V is provided through 
  a McIDAS-V forum.  You can learn more about this support by visiting
  the 'Support' link in the URL above.

- both McIDAS-V and IDV can be installed in one's own account on *nix

Please let me know which way you intend to proceed.


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