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[McIDAS #BZU-651546]: Interesting in McIDAS X Free

Hi Boris,

> I'm just dabbling in the  McIDAS X program, I got a little difficult the
> installation process. I was trying to configure a user account to access to
> mcidasx, but typing "mcidasx" in the console from a user account, for
> example: boris, I get the following message: Permission denied.

The command that should be run is:



mcidas -config

> I commented that by mistake delete the file. Cshrc you put in my machine,
> then add another. Cshrc with the same characteristics do not know if this
> error is that I can not run McIDAS X from another user account other than
> the mcidas.

No, the .cshrc file for the user 'mcidas' should not effect the ability
to run McIDAS programs (including 'mcidas') in a non-'mcidas' user's
account.  You do, however, need to configure the user's account.  This
is described in:

Unidata HomePage



     McIDAS user's guide

Documentation and Training

  Installing McIDAS-X on Unix or Mac OS X Workstations

    Configuring a New User Account

> One more question: I can ingest data from other remote servers

Yes, you can copy data from other remote ADDE servers.

> and how I can ingest real time data?

The best way is to run the LDM and get the data pushed to you in

> It is advisable to install the Data ingesters as LDM and McIDAS XCD?

If you want to continuously get data as fast as possible, then yes, you
should install the LDM and build the McIDAS-XCD portion of the McIDAS-X

> if so, they must be installed on separate accounts to the mcidas?

McIDAS-XCD is part of the Unidata McIDAS distribution.  To build it,
return to the 'mcidas' account and do the following:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2009/src
make all
make install.all

Since the McIDAS-X portion of the build is (should have been) already
created, 'make' will simply build the XCD portion of the distribution.

The LDM needs to be installed in a separate account; we recommend
naming that account 'ldm'.  The instructions for building the LDM
are included in the LDM documentation on our website.

> One more question, is it possible to install another workstation on a
> different computer, that my adviser and I want to install MCIDAS X on a
> computer better processor and it serve as training for many students from
> the atmosphere.

Yes.  You can install McIDAS on as many machines as you want.  Please remember
that all installations are subject to the restrictions as the first
installation (i.e., they are to be used for research in the pursuit of
a degree by students; the code can not be shared with others; etc.).


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