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[McIDAS #WPI-477280]: imadisp dataset problem

Hi George,

> Thanks Tom help me to solve the setting problem of map.k with imgdisp.k.

No worries.

> Now I have other questions,
> I use imgdisp to plot visible in a region
> lat: 40 61
> lon -117 -87

In McIDAS, one does not specify the coverage region
directly.  Instead, one specifies a Lat,Lon point in
the region (as either the center or upper left corner)
and the size of the image (number of lines and elements).

> The part of my script looks like
> ...
> DAY=...
> TIME=...
> mcenv <<EOF
> imgdisp.k RTIMAGES/GE-VIS LATLON=70 138 PLACE=U DAY=$day TIME=$time MAG=1 1 
> frmsave.k X /home/u7/mcidas/TEST/${day}_${time}.gif
> #erase.k
> exit 0

One quick comment: the default size of the frame created by 'mcenv' is 480x640
Lines x Elements).  It is most likely that you want larger frames for your
displays.  These are easily made by specifying the '-f' flag to 'mcenv'.
For instance, to create a single 800x1000 frame, replace 'mcenv' above with:
'mcenv -f address@hidden << EOF'.

> First, the region generated is not exactly what I want, and there is a
> "slant angle" of the visible imagery to the surface, but I'd like to look
> straight down at the surface.

In order to "look straight down at the surface", you would have to remap
the image into a different projection (e.g., MERCator) first and then
display the reprojected image.  You can remap imagery into different
projections using the IMGREMAP command.

> Secondly, when I tried to change the "LATLON" more westerly or northerly,
> there is no image.

Try changing the PLACE= keyword to 'C' (center).  The Lat,Lon specified
in the LATLON= keyword will then be at the center of the display.

> So my question are:
> How to choose the right display region for my special request?

Play with the size of the frame created by specifying the size through
the 'f' flag to 'mcenv'.  Change the PLACE= to center.

> How to solve the "slant angel" problem?

Investigate remapping the image into a different projection.

> which dataset I should select?

The dataset you will use will depend on what you want.  Without
knowing more about what you are trying to accomplish, I can't add
much useful information about which dataset you should use.

> Thank you very much.

No worries.


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