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[McIDAS #YXU-859602]: Can I recreate this radar map in McIDAS with a large GIF or JPEG file size?

Hi Gilbert,

re: The year should be 2011, not 2010; fixed

> OK, everything is fine now. Weird.

re: I am not sure why you would want to reduce the 256 N0Q levels down to 8;
this seems to defeat the entire purpose of having higher resolution images.

> Yes, it does, but for a project I'm working on, it's exactly what is
> needed. Strange, but true.


re: color table

The McIDAS command that creates enhancement tables is EU.  The easiest
way to run a set of EU commands is through a McIDAS BATCH file.  Create
a file (e.g., GILBERT.BAT) in your $MCDATA directory with the following

EU MAKE   0  75  255 255 255 255 255 255 RGB=YES
EU MAKE  76 103   34  34 255 255  53  53 RGB=YES
EU MAKE 104 124   17  17 167 167  48  48 RGB=YES
EU MAKE 125 134   26  26 111 111  34  34 RGB=YES
EU MAKE 135 144   21  21  67  67  10  10 RGB=YES
EU MAKE 145 153  193 193 179 179  57  57 RGB=YES
EU MAKE 154 174  193 193  92  92  15  15 RGB=YES
EU MAKE 175 183  167 167  42  42  18  18 RGB=YES
EU MAKE 184 255  123 123  47  47  18  18 RGB=YES

Execute the BATCH command after loading an image, or by itself and save
the enhancement.  For instance:

<login as the user that runs McIDAS>
mcenv -f address@hidden
dataloc.k ADD NEXRCOMP adde.cise-nsf.gov
frmsave.k 1 nexrcomp_1kn0q-nat.gif

If the colors are not exactly what you want, play around with the
RGB levels specified in the EU invocations in the BATCH file until
you get what you want.  You can then save the enhancement with:

eu.k SAVE GILBERT     <- name of your choosing subject to the base part <= 8 

re: curious radials of high reflectivity in Level III imagery

> For Grand rapids, MI...the "lasers" are buildings in the way.
> Otherwise...you got me.

re: example invocation to display and then save N0Q composite image.

> OK. So what I need is that image, with a white background (typing in
> GU MAKE 0 WHITE didn't do the trick, but I don't need that map.k
> command...and that image with 8 colors with the RGB values above.

I set the lowest levels in the image enhancement above to white.  When
you run BATCH GILBERT.BAT, the bottom levels are white (not transparent).

> So, this is a good start...any ideas to make this wish come true?

See above.


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