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[McIDAS #GSF-247602]: METEOSAT ADDE server contact

Hi Greg,

re: getting NOAA contact for METEOSAT-7 ADDE server access 
> Thanks very much for your help!

No worries.

I got a reply to the inquiry I sent yesterday:

  From: Brian Hughes <address@hidden>
  Subject: RE: 20110131: availability of METEOSAT-7 data through NOAA ADDE 
  To: 'Tom Yoksas' <address@hidden>, 'Jay Hanna' <address@hidden>,
      John Paquette <address@hidden>
  Hi Tom,

  Yes, John Paquette (copied here) is the contact that can assist in obtaining
  access. Since we have an MOU with EUMETSAT, John can work with the user to
  ensure that they do not make the data publicly available outside of the 6
  hour synoptic times.


  Brian K. Hughes
  GOES-R Data Operations Manager
  NOAA/NESDIS/OSPO Satellite Products and Services Division

  NASA/GSFC, Bldg 6, Room S236
  Office: (301) 286-8640
  Cell:   (202) 409-8629

I just sent another note to Brian/John asking for clarification
of when the METEOSAT-7 data is no longer considered to be real-time.
The EUMETSAT data policy for MSG data is that imagery newer than 24
hours old is considered to be real-time, and only the synoptic reporting
times (0, 6, 12, 18Z) can be made available until the data is no longer
considered to be real-time.  I have a vague recollection that the
METEOSAT-7 data is considered to be real-time until it is 3 days old,
but I need Brian/John to confirm/refute this.  What I can say with
certainty is that after METEOSAT data is no longer considered to be
real-time, it may be freely distributed/shared.

When you contact John (email in To: line above), you should explain

- you represent NCAR/EOL, and provide some details about why
  you are seeking access to their ADDE servers.

- you should indicate that NCAR has _lots_ of joint projects
  with NOAA (we had to document the various efforts we had
  with NOAA before we were granted access to the restricted
  ADDE servers that NOAA maintains)

- that you understand that images at non-synoptic times can not
  be made generally available until after they are deemed to no
  longer be real-time, but you are unsure what the time period
  to be considered not real-time is for METEOSAT-7

- you will need to provide John/NOAA with the IP address(es)
  of the machine(s) you want to have allowed to access their
  restricted server(s).

  My experience in getting Unidata machines added to the allows
  for the restricted NOAA ADDE servers is that they want a
  _small_ list of machines (e.g., one or two).

- the restricted ADDE server that contains the METEOSAT-7 data

  The ADDE dataset that you are immediately interested in from
  that server is IND.

- I recommend asking for a listing of all of the ADDE servers that
  NOAA maintains and the datasets on those servers.

  I have gotten a list like this twice in the past.  It would be
  very interesting to find out if they have dropped any of the
  servers or added new ones.  NB: at least one of their servers
  has some polar orbiter data!

If you run into any snags in getting your machine(s) allowed to
access the NOAA restricted ADDE servers, please let me know.


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