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[McIDAS #HZC-630597]: mcidas question

Hi Sepide,

re: The only thing I can imagine is that you are running the REDIRECT command
from a directory in which you do not have write permission so LWPATH.NAM
is not being created.

> i am in /home/mcidas, so i am sure i have writing permission . infront of
> LWPATH.NAM it says rw-rw-r-- , so i have the permission, because i am logged
> in as user mcidas

OK, so write permissions are not the problem.

re: any chance for me to logon to your system?

> unfortunately no

OK, no worries.

> i am using mcidas X , is there any chance that the command are different?

No.  I am using McIDAS-X also.

Please try the following:

- rebuild your McIDAS distribution from scratch:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2009/src
make clobber
make install.mcxall

I have a vague recollection of another user having some problems with REDRECT.
Their problem was remedied when they rebuilt/reinstalled the distribution
as per the above instructions.

If a rebuild/reinstall does not fix your REDIRECT problem, there is another,
more brute force method:

- edit the copy of LWPATH.NAM that will be used by the McIDAS commands (i.e.,
  if you are running your commands from /home/mcidas, then edit 
  and manually insert the REDIRECT rule(s) into the file

  For example, the REDIRECT invocation that you sent along previously was:

  cd /home/mcidas
  redirect.k ADD NCDF932\* \"/mnt/goes9195/1993/VIS932/OUTPUT

  The net result of running this command should be the inclusion of the
  following rule into /home/mcidas/LWPATH.NAM:

  NCDF932* /mnt/goes9195/1993/VIS932/OUTPUT

If this works, then you can manually add/modify the REDIRECT entry
in LWPATH.NAM to match what you need.  I am guessing, however, that
a rebuild/reinstall will solve the problem directly.


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