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[McIDAS #NGM-207442]: mcidas

Hi Sepideh,

> the problem is our images are just between 10 N and 25 S and 40W to 80 W
> but when i imgcopy them without defining the size and LATLON, i get very
> strange answers for lat and lon,
> like 2*10^5.

This is something that I have never run into.  Am I correct to assume that
when you specify the LATLON extents that you do not have this problem?

> and the resolution of goes 7 is 1 Km,

I assume that the resolution of GOES-7 visible is nominally 1 km like the other
GOES platforms.  I further assume that the resolution of the infrared channels
is either 4 km (e.g., the 10.7 um channel) or 8 km (e.g., the water vapor 
I can't remember if these assumptions are correct, however; it has been a long
time since I looked at GOES-7 imagery.

> which is about 0.01 degree.

Correct.  1 degree of latitude is 111.1 km, so 1 km is approx 0.01 degrees.

> but the resolution that we get from netcdf files are much finer than that.

I do not know how this is possible unless you have used the MAG= keyword when
doing the IMGCOPY.  A MAG= value that is >1 will cause the replication of pixels
in the output image (a MAG= value <1 will result in a sampling of the pixels
from the original image to the netCDF copy).


- what was the IMGCOPY command you used when producing an output netCDF image
  that appears to have resolution greater than 1 km?

> How we can use IMGREMAP?

IMGREMAP is used to convert an image's projection and resolution.  There is
in-program HELP for IMGREMAP (HELP IMGREMAP) and a section in the McIDAS
User's Guide that explains all of the options and gives some illustrative

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