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[McIDAS #WUE-272422]: GOES 12 or 13

Hi Gustavo,

> Thank you very much for your email.
> All right, I'll sending you:
> pqact.conf
> sat-solo.sh
> and I added the following file:
> pact.gempak_images
> Since in this file sat-solo.sh is invoked.

Very good.  I will look at these later today.

> About login.. yes, we'll appreciate any
> help as this .. I'll use your personal email
> for sending such information..

No worries.


- I see that you are running GEMPAK v5.11.1.  It is possible that
  this version of GEMPAK does not have table entries needed to
  process satellite images from GOES-13.  I will check with our
  GEMPAK person to see if my guess is true or not when I get into
  work.  If the problem you are seeing is a simple one of tables
  needing updating, I will make the change for you, but I will
  need the password for the user 'gempak' in order to make the change.
  Please send it in the same manner as you sent the password for

- when I logged on to your machine this morning, I noticed that the
  LDM was not running.  When I tried to start it, I found that the
  queue had been corrupted for some reason.  To correct this, I deleted
  and remade the queue and then restarted the LDM:

  <as 'ldm'>
  ldmadmin stop
  ldmadmin clean
  ldmadmin delqueue
  ldmadmin mkqueue -f
  ldmadmin start

  After doing this, data delivery resumed without problems.

I will send you an additional email this afternoon after I have had a
chance to talk to our GEMPAK person...


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