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[McIDAS #HPW-941884]: What am I doing wrong?

Hi Gilbert,

> You can see that the GE-IR images in RTIMAGES stopped updating after 18:45Z 
> on October 1.
> OK. That is the way I wanted it. I want the ADDE server for satellite data
> to be on weather2. Weather and weather3 will have surface
> text/METAR/warnings only, due to a high load average which I'm trying
> to figure out.

OK.  Having the datasets and server setup to use the other datasets will
not result in higher load averages _unless_ those datasets are being accessed
through the server.

re: there are no images in the RTIMAGES dataset on weather3.

> Correct. But I ran the batch files in the install, the ADDE server
> should have been there and on weather/weather3 said there was no data
> available.

Which "batch files in the install"?  Do you mean that you reran the
BATCH files that setup ADDE datasets?  If yes, this may be your problem.
Also, please be aware that one does not have to resetup ADDE dataset
definitions after the upgrade of McIDAS with a new addendum.  The dataset
definitions are maintained in the file RESOLV.SRV which will (if everything
is done correctly) exist in the $MCDATA directory of the user 'mcidas' (this
is typically /home/mcidas/workdata).

re: what ADDE dataset(s) are you trying to access (so I can investigate those)?

> Weather2 for all except HRS data, and weather/weather3, surface/upper air
> data, and watches/warnings.

OK.  Just to be clear, what I mean by datasets is the names of the ADDE
datasets you are trying to access.  These would be: RTPTSRC for decoded
point source data (e.g., surface/upper air data); RTIMAGES for UNIWISC
RTGRIDS for HDS data; and RTWXTEXT for watches/warnings/etc.


> >> When I choose "localhost" on weather2 and weather3 for the data that I
> >> have coming in, I can plot it out.
> >> Yep. So the data is coming in, but...
> >
> > Hmm... your comment is in conflict with what I see for RTIMAGES on
> > weather3.
> Right, which is why I was so confused.

I am greatly confused mainly since I don't know how you have all of this
setup.  I think it would be too much of a time sink for me to try and
guess what might be happening, so I suggest I login to each of your
machines in turn and try to figure out specific problems.

re: setup for data serving
> Not problems; it's just the way I want it.

> Does this make sense? Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy week.
> And as always, thanks again for your help!

I must admit that I am a bit lost since I don't have a good handle
on your workflow.  I propose that we do the following:

- you provide the name of one script that is failing on a particular
  machine (and which account it is running from), and I will login
  and try to recreate the problem and figure out the solution



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