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[McIDAS #WUE-272422]: GOES 12 or 13

Hi Gustavo,

> Thank you for your answer... But I would like to add
> a few more question..


> (I) Does it mean that by the time being, for GOES12 with
> GEMPAK isn't possible to invoke it??

No.  GEMPAK will work for all of the GOES images.

> (II) I was using
> at
> /home/ldm/etc/pqact.gempak_images
> in order to run a script (sat-solo.sh) that captures GOES 13 images
> (insted of GOES 12).. I copy those last lines here...
> .................................................
> #
> # Local addition(s) that run GEMPAK shell scripts to produce GIF files
> #
> MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q. (U[^ACXY1]) (.*) (.*)_IMG (0.65)um (.*) (........)
> (....)
> util/sat-solo.sh /data/ldm/gempak/images/sat/\4/\5/VIS/VIS_\6_\7
> MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q. (U[^ACXY1]) (.*) (.*)_IMG (6..)um (.*) (........)
> (....)
> util/sat-solo.sh /data/ldm/gempak/images/sat/\4/\5/WV/WV_\6_\7
> MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q. (U[^ACXY1]) (.*) (.*)_IMG (10.7)um (.*) (........)
> (....)
> util/sat-solo.sh /data/ldm/gempak/images/sat/\4/\5/IR/IR_\6_\7
> .................................................
> /\4
> Is it right /\4 for GOES-13???? Since it doesn't work!!

I can't answer this question without knowing the contents of 'util/sat-solo.sh'.

If you have other LDM pqact.conf actions that FILE the UNIWISC products, it
is likely that the directory structure being created has changed (i.e.,
one part of the fully qualified pathname is now GOES13 when it used to be
GOES12) and your sat-solo.sh script is expecting the old structure.

Please send us the contents of:

- the pqact.conf file(s) you are using to process the MCIDAS data

- the sat-solo.sh script

> (III) Here we was using more gempak in order to create web's products.
> Is better to migrate all that to MCIDAS? I mean not just satellite's
> products but SYNOP, METAR and so on!!??

That would be a personal choice.  My comment to your first email was intended
to let you know that we operate ingesters for all three GOES satellites, and
that you could be getting images from any/all of those ingesters using an
application like McIDAS-X, IDV, or McIDAS-V.  I was not trying to convince
you to change the way you are doing your processing.

> Thank you in advance,

No worries.

It may be useful for me to get a login to your machine running the LDM (as user 
so I could look around to see what may be going on.  If you decide you want me 
do this, please send the password for the 'ldm' account in a separate email to
my personal email address, address@hidden  Please do NOT include the
name of the account in that email, OR the name of the machine for which the
account is valid.  In another email, please send me the fully qualified name
of your machine.


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