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[McIDAS #DPX-653014]: The mcenv command

Hi Francisco,

re: making some changes to shell configuration file and then retest

> I have made the test after a few adjustments to the .bashrc and
> ./profile (multiple /home/mcidas/bin), here is what I got
> starting from a fresh login:
> address@hidden:~$ echo $MCPATH
> /home/mcidas/workdata:/home/mcidas/workdata:/home/mcidas/data:/home/mcidas/help
> address@hidden:~$ echo $MCENV_POSUC
> address@hidden:~$ mcenv
> address@hidden:~$ echo $MCENV_POSUC
> 9535519
> address@hidden:~$ echo $MCPATH
> /home/mcidas/workdata:/home/mcidas/workdata:/home/mcidas/data:/home/mcidas/help:/home/mcidas/.mctmp/9535519
> address@hidden:~$

This looks correct now.  'mcenv' is creating the needed shared memory segment 
adding the temporary directory created as part of the shared memory allocation
to the end of MCPATH and defining MCENV_POSUC to also have that value.  Very 

> However as you can see mcenv exist without opening the shell

A new window will not be opened, so you should not look for one.  Instead, 
will be running AND MCPATH will be modified from its default AND MCENV_POSUC
will be defined.  You could test that things are OK furth3er after running 
'mcenv' by
running 'ps' (ps -u mcidas') and verifying that 'mcenv' is running.

> Also I emailed you the name of the server, so you can check it out,
> also i wonder if it might be related to another issue I had at compile
> time: 
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/support/help/MailArchives/mcidas/msg04312.html

A couple of comments here:

- I think that things are now running correctly for you

- the problem of needing to change the shell specified in tclcomp from /bin/sh 
  /bin/bash only effects the building of the Tcl/Tk component of the McIDAS
  distribution.  It has no effect on the building or running of 'mcenv'

> (One of my emails to you was accidentally sent from my gmail address,
> but both have the same Subject)

No worries.  I was not able to login to your account yesterday because I was
in an all-day meeting followed by a dinner.  I may not be able to login today
either as my meeting continues until the end of the day today.  I will try,
however, to login later today during a meeting break, but I must tell you
that I think that you have solved the problem you were experiencing with
the modifications you made to your .bashrc/.profile files.  Again, I will
check this when I get a chance to login.


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