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[McIDAS #SMX-272962]: mcidas question

Hi Sepideh,

> I meant my area files are on my computer in irvine and I don't want to upload
> them on server, I want to use them from here on the server which is in MIT.

OK, now I understand.

You can do what you want, but it will require some help from the system 
at UC Irvine.  Here is the ABC of what would need to be done at UC Irvine:

- create 'mcidas' and 'mcadde' accounts

  - The HOME directory for 'mcadde' should be the same as the HOME directory
    for 'mcidas'

  - The 'mcadde' account should not be a login account.

- McIDAS would need to be installed in the 'mcidas' account

- 'root' would need to setup the ADDE remote server portion of the McIDAS

- 'root' would have to insure that xinetd is running

- the system administrator(s) would need to insure that inbound access is
  allowed on port 112 (i.e., configure the firewall on the machine and
  possibly in the department to allow incoming ADDE requests on port 112)

- 'mcidas' would need to setup ADDE datasets from the images (AREA files)

- the user at MIT could then access the images served at UC Irvine.  The
  user at MIT (i.e., 'sepideh') would need to run the McIDAS DATALOC command
  telling his McIDAS installation where to ask for data from named datasets
  (meaning that when trying to access data from TEST/GOES7, McIDAS should
  make the request to the machine at UC Irvine)

If you can get your system administrator to help you, and if there is no
problem in allowing inbound requests on port 112, setting up serving of
data on the machine at UC Irvine should be relatively quick and easy.  Please
let me know if you would like me to help by interacting with your 


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