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[McIDAS #SMX-272962]: mcidas question

Hi Sepideh,

> thank you so much for your answers.
> so i am really confused here.
> I don't get when you say DIRFILE= ,
> I am a new user to linux and also mcidas.

In a previous email, you sent the output of 'DSSERVE LIST TEST':


Group/Descriptor Type Format & Range RT Comment
------------------------ ----- ------------------ ----------------------
TEST/GOES7 IMAGE AREA GOES-7 IMAGES DIRFILE=/sepide/mcidas/ir/goes7.1990.001.*

So, the DIRFILE= value is /sepide/mcidas/ir/goes7.1990.001.*.  I asked
you to send the output of:

ls -l /sepide/mcidas/ir/goes7.1990.001.*

This would have told us if the location regular expression (i.e.,
/sepide/mcidas/ir/goes7.1990.001.*) was correct or not.

> I have mcidas on our machine and they installed it so wherever i type mcidas
> it goes into the program.
> i have my files in another directory different from mcidas.


> should i type what you said on the main linux command window when i have my
> data, or where i have my program?

From the Linux command prompt.

> or i should type them on the command window that i get when i open mcidas
> and press the button that has the shape of a keyboard?

No, from the Linux command prompt.

> and should i put my data in the same directory as mcidas?

McIDAS does not care where the data is located; it just needs to know
where the data can be found.  This is the use of the DIRFILE= keyword
for the DSSERVE= keyword... it tells McIDAS where the files are located
and how they are named.

> our machine name is tomenta.mit.edu

I tried to SSH to this machine, and I got the following error:

ssh address@hidden
ssh: Could not resolve hostname tomenta.mit.edu: no address associated with name

Please check the name again and send me the correct name.  Alternately, you
could send me the machine's IP address.  If you have any questions about
getting the IP address from the machine name, or why the machine name is
not known outside of MIT, please talk to one of your system administrators
and have him/her send me the information.

As soon as I have the correct machine name, I will SSH to it in your account
and (hopefully) setup the ADDE dataset for the data files you have.


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