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[McIDAS #VYG-127238]: png-compressed AREAs doesn't pick up filename from comment card

Hi Tyn,

> I hope this message finds you well!

I am well, thank you!  I trust that you are well and happy also?

> I'm in Mongolia now, trying to get their NOAA/AVHRR archives published
> though ADDE. To minimize their storage footprint i'm testing, amongst
> others, a png-compression. Remember you equipped McIDAS-X with the
> capabilities to ADDE server AREAs compressed data? Now, the area2png
> program has now the option to create a sensible string to use for the
> ouput file-name using SATBAND and SATANOT information.


- were your change(s) only in the output file naming?
- can I get your code modifications so I can evaluate them for possible
  inclusion in the area2png source?

> In my case (N15 and N18 images) this doesn't seem to work:
> Jun 15 16:50:47 area2png[19560] NOTE: Starting Up
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: input AREA size: 81269560
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: in GetFileName
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: mask: 31
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: band: 5
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: memory mapped input file area/AREA4000
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: image shape: 3926 x 2048
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: image line length: 20700
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: number of bytes to beginning of data: 1280
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: number of bytes in comment cards: 80
> Jun 15 16:50:47 DEBUG: number of bytes to beginning of comment cards: 81269480
> Jun 15 16:51:02 DEBUG: deflated length 19887452
> Jun 15 16:51:02 area2png[19560] NOTE: doPNG:: 81269560  19887452  0.2447
> Any ideas? An example NOAA file you can find here (png-compressed AREA):
> http://www.icc.mn/ngic/SAT_RES_BAND_20080415.0848

I am not sure why the file name is not expanded using the satellite, resolution,
and band information, but I do know why your images are black:  area2png was
designed to work on single banded images only.  The logic to deal with multiple
bands was never built into it, or into the code modifications I added to
Unidata McIDAS to be able to serve the PNG-compressed images directly.

> further to the previous, the png-compressed AREAs don't display properly
> (McIDAS & IDV). I get just a black image (with proper navigation) but
> no image data is shown (all pixels value=0).

If you IMGCOPY a single band into a new AREA and then PNG-compress it, do
things work as expected?

> Note that:
> 1) i'm using the poesaget/poesadir from XRD before IMGCOPYing over to
> AREA format


> 2) i have to set NaveType=LALO in IDV. Below the input (original) to
> the png-compressed i just send you. You may also try my server at
> adde.icc.mn NPOES/NXAREA or NPOES/PNGA for respectively the AREAs and
> png-compressed AREAs.
> see http://www.icc.mn/ngic/AREA4001

I just grabbed this file, and will take a look tomorrow.

> Maybe some code changes downstream that break your png-compressed
> addition?

Most likely it is that you are trying to compress a multibanded image,
and area2png and pnga2area do not understand multibanded images.


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