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[McIDAS #ZFX-589923]: WSR-88 and TDWR dataset names

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the update!



> I've been testing a solution to the TDWR/WSR-88 dataset gotcha that we
> found when both TDWR and WSR had the same dataset name (e.g. NCR).
> I checked this solution in yesterday to Inquiry 14708 with code changes
> to dmnexr.f
> Basically, I separate out the TDWR and WSR data into different locations
> using configuration options I added to the NEXRID.CFG file.
> Specifically, I added:
> 1. STATIONS line - new TDWRSET= keyword where the values it is set to
> can either be an alias or individual TDWR stations. I opted to set it to
> the alias - See #2
> 2. Added new TDWR alias with all of the 45 TDWR stations. If new TDWR
> stations come online, we can just add it here
> 3. DISPOSE line change #1 - Changed DIRFILE=***WSR_PATH*** instead of
> 4. DISPOSE line change #2 - Added TDWRFILE=***TDWR_PATH*** to put TDWR
> data in a separate location
> As NEXRID.CFG is a "nonreplaceable" file, I also added a change to our
> installation script as an "install radar" option. This will save a
> backup of the current NEXRID.CFG with the current date appended, then
> copy the new NEXRID.CFG in. The -XCD admin will be responsible for
> setting the values of ***WSR_PATH*** and ***TDWR_PATH***.
> When installing the new ADDE dataset names with XCDWSR.BAT, XCDTDWR.BAT,
> and XCDRADAR.BAT (combined WSR and TDWR) , the -XCD admin will be
> required to set #NEXRDATA and #TDWRDATA variables before running these
> batch files.
> Anyway, I just wanted to keep you posted about what I was doing with
> regard to this issue.
> If you see anything I did in dmnexr.f that may break something, please
> let me know.  I've had this running on my test machines here at SSEC for
> a couple of weeks now and haven't noticed any problems.
> From what I understand, we are planning to include an -XCD release with
> the next -X FastTrack so we can get the radar stuff in for both packages.
> Thanks!
> Kevin


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