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[McIDAS #MPZ-243939]: New NEXRAD Level III Radar products

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the slow reply; I have been in meetings all day (sigh!)...

> A different question for you regarding the NEXRAD Level III products.

> We are just now realizing that we need to distinguish by Type as you did
> in your NEXRADDE.BAT file that you sent Barry and me as there is some
> overlap between the NEXRAD Level III and TDWR namings (e.g. NCR for
> Composite reflectivity)

> We noticed the following behavior in McIDAS (using your dataset names):
> IMGLIST RTNEXRAD/NCR ID=MKE  finds data even though MKE is TDWR, not a
> IMGLIST RTTDWR/NCR ID=MKX finds data even though MKX is a WSR-88D, not a
> Do you have this same behavior?

Unfortunately, yes.  The problem is in how we are filing the products
using the LDM.  If I would setup our LDM pattern-action entry to distinguish
between Level III and TDWR sites, then the ADDE datasets I define could
be setup to be mutually exclusive.  Currently, I am doing the simplest
thing to process the files received from NOAAPort via the LDM/IDD:

# All NEXRAD Level III products
#        SDUS53      KDVN  20          22          15           /p N0R  DVN
NEXRAD3 ^SDUS[23578]. .... ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-6][0-9]).*/p(...)(...)
        FILE    -close

The "problem" with this approach is that there is no differentiation
between what is a Level III product versus a TDWR product.

> One possible solution might require some distinguishing in -XCD land
> what is a TDWR, but the WMO headers are the same, so you would need a
> list of identified TDWRs and separate out the TDWR/WSR-88D into
> different directories.

Yes, your view mirrors my own.  We would do this by one of two equivalent

- create a ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf entry that sends TDWR products to one
  pattern-action file and Level III products to a different pattern-action

- create different pattern-action entries for Level III and TDWR products

Both of these options would be "ugly" but would work.

> Thanks for any input!

No worries.


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