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[McIDAS #FJX-773901]: TXT2MD modification

Hi Owen,

Long time no hear.  I hope you are doing well!

> It's been a while since Mcidas has stumped me, but now I have a small
> problem that I thought I had figured out a while ago.


> A few years back you helped me to modify txt2md.pgm by increasing MAXCOL
> to allow me to convert large gridded model output (like FLEXPART
> particle dispersion model) to MD files so I could contour the pollution
> tracers onto satellite imagery.

I remember this.

> This has worked very well for me over the past few years. But every time
> Hsie updates our Mcidas software I need him to bump up the MAXCOL value
> in txt2md.pgm.
> Hsie upgraded us to McidasX 2009 a few months ago, but did not bump up
> MAXCOL in txt2md.pgm. Hsie is currently on vacation and I don't have
> permission to change txt2md.pgm. But no problem because the default
> MAXCOL is 10000 and I can work with that relatively small number for now.
> Problem is, my SCHEMA file, DCNACO, has a COLUMNS value of 20000.
> No problem, right? All I have to do is change that value to 10000 and I
> should be good to go by updating the SCHEMA with: SCHE DCNACO
> Upon doing this I see that my SCHEMA file has updated in my current
> working directory /home/ocooper/POLARCAT/Mcidas
> but then when I try to use the SCHEMA with the following command:
> TXT2MD AS_1021.FLX 1021 NACO
> I get the following error message:
> it's like it thinks the COLUMNS value is still set to the old value of
> 20000.

> Any idea why I can't get this to update?

This is hardwired in the TXT2MD source.  I think I can change this for
you (I have logons on a number of machines in your shop that run the LDM
and other Unidata software), but I need to know which of your machine(s)
you are running McIDAS on (e.g., rainbow.al.noaa.gov, stratus.al.noaa.gov,

> thanks

No worries.

> PS here is what my current SCHEMA file looks like:
> "       NAME    VSN     DATE    ID      TEXTID
> "       ----    ---     ----    --      ------
> SCHEMA  NACO    1       05011   0       "FLEXPART COLUMN NA CO
> "---    -----   -----   -----------
> ROWS    1               "1 time per file
> DAY             CYD     "Year and julian day
> TIME            HMS     "nominal time
> COLUMNS 10000           "# ! OF COLUMNS, changed from 20000 to 10000 on
> 4/8/10
> DATA                    "START OF DATA SECTION
> LAT     4       DEG     "LATITUDE (DECIMAL DEG)
> LON     4       DEG     "LONGITUDE (DECIMAL DEG)
> CO      4       CON     "COLUMN CO


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