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[McIDAS #UIX-681957]: Fwd: IHOP Satellite Data

Hi Greg,

I just received this reply back from SSEC support folks on the ability
of IMGPROBE to list out times:

SSEC MUG Support wrote:
> I found that DOC=YES must be used with IMGCOPY for IMGPROBE to calculate
> the scan time.  If it's not possible to re- IMGCOPY with the DOC=YES
> keyword, then hopefully the programmer's comments will help:
> > You are correct, DOC=YES must be used with IMGCOPY for IMGPROBE to
> > calculate the scan time.  If the data was subsected, the number of
> > lines and elements are no-longer available in the AREA file.  This
> > information is available from the Datacenter's on-line archive database:
> >
> > http://dcdbs.ssec.wisc.edu/inventory/
> >
> > It looks like IMGCOPY preserves the original start scan time (see
> > start time using IMGLIST FORM=ALL).  To get a good estimate of the
> > scan rates, copy an image down using DOC=YES and then use GVARINFO (in
> > XRD) to get the time difference between lines.  Note, to get a real
> > good estimate, you have to take into account that GVAR scans back and
> > forth.

> I hope this information helps.  If you have further questions, just let
> us know.

So, the questions back to you and your user are:

- were the AREA files created for the GOES-11 data created with the McIDAS
  IMGCOPY routine

- if yes, was the DOC=YES keyword included on the IMGCOPY invocation
  command line

If the answer to either of these questions is no, then your user may have
to estimate the time of the scan line(s) of interest by using the McIDAS
XRD routine GVARINFO.  I include GVARINFO in the Unidata McIDAS-X distribution,
but it, along with the other XRD routines I include, are not built by
default.  If the user wants to use GVARINFO, and assuming that she
is using Unidata McIDAS, she will need to build and install the XRD set
of routines in her McIDAS installation:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2009/src
make xrd
make install.xrd


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