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[McIDAS #GTQ-654343]: Re: 20100219: Inquiry 14708 updated (cont.)

Hi Barry and Kevin,

Last note for tonight :-) ...

> re: best approach to handle center display of radar images
> I agree with you that adding the LATLON=CENTER and LINELE=CENTER options
> would be very useful for these radar applications (and probably others). I
> brought up that topic, as well as possibly changing ID= to both pick the
> station and center the image (equivalent of STA=) to Becky, DaveS, et. al.


> The changing of ID= was dismissed mainly because it would change the
> definition of what it does and could impact users' scripts, scheduler
> entries, etc.

I agree.

> Adding the LATLON= and LINELE=CENTER changes is better in
> the sense that it would be a new and useful option. But with our policy
> of trying to limit -X changes to important/required things (bug fixes,
> data format changes, server additions, etc), we decided to not do the
> LATLON= and LINELE=CENTER changes unless they're very easy. DaveS took
> a quick look and said that it would be easy if the options had access
> to the area directory. Unfortunately they don't, so an ADDE transaction
> would need to be added for them to work. Because of that, the decision
> is that at least for now, we won't be making those changes.

OK.  I expected that this would be the decision.

Russ Dengel and I were discussing this topic a few days ago, and he suggested
modifying the NEXRAD servers to understand/use the NAV= keyword since it
is apparently sent along to all image servers.  He suggested modifying
the servers to be understand that NAV=PS means change whatever load request
to a load at the center.  I have been thinking about this approach for
a number of days, and I have come to the conclusion that I don't like
overloading the meaning of keywords like this.

> BTW, a possibly-good alternative for centering the radar images on the
> station in the IMGDISP.CORE entries (rather than specifying REQUIRE=STA)
> is to add LINELE= with values equal to the center point in the image
> and PLACE=CENTER. For example, since all its images are 460x460 the
> RTNEXRAD/N1R entry could include LINELE=230 230 PLACE=CENTER. Likewise,
> LINELE=116 116 PLACE=CENTER in the RTNEXRAD/DSP entry would center those
> images since they're 232x232.

Yup, this is what I do in the template file (ADDEIMAGE.CORE) for my GUI.
I included it in the example IMGDISP.CORE file that I sent you in a
separate email.  Also, Russ modified CENTER to understand that
LATLON=CEN means to center the circles/arcs in the center of the frame.
When the load center is specified with LINELE=x y PLACE=CENTER, nice
range rings can be overlaid on radar plots.  I am satisfied (for now)
with this approach.


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