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[McIDAS #CEY-749460]: Suggested feature additions for CIRCLE and IMGDISP

Hi Russ,

Sorry for the silence.  Yesterday was dedicated to writing status
reports for the upcoming User Committee meeting.

> What I'm trying to suggest is a way to get around modifying
> IMGDISP.  If you are going to use IMGDISP.CORE to define how the radar
> images are displayed, you could add the NAV=PS keyword to the
> definition. That will be passed by the client (IMGDISP) to the server
> where it can act as a signal
> to display the image with an EC load on the station specified in the ID=
> part of the request. NAV=PS is designed to be used by the MODIS servers
> to create a BOWTIE correction of the data and remap the result into a
> Polar Sterographic projection. The low level ADDE interface has been
> modified to allow this keyword to be passed along to all servers. Most
> servers don't know that this keyword exists within the transaction
> request, so they don't pick it up on the server side. All you would need
> to do is look for this keyword in the request. If it exists, and the
> user did not specify a lat/lon in the request, use the ID as the load
> point.

This is an interesting approach.  I will take a look at the Nexrad
server code to see how easily this can be slipped in.

By the way, another way to make the change would be to finish adding
support for LINELE=CENTER or LATLON=CENTER.  The documentation for
this is in the IMGDISP source, but not exposed to the user:

C ?    LATlon=lat lon | latitude and longitude to place at the frame location
C ?                     specified in the PLACE keyword
C            =CENTER  | places center of image at the frame location specified
C                       in the PLACE keyword
C ?    LINele=line ele sys | line and element numbers and coordinate system
C ?                          (F or I for file and image, respectively) to
C ?                          place at frame location specified in the PLACE
C ?                          keyword (line def=0, ele def=line, sys def=F)
C            =CENTER       | places center of image at the frame location
C                            specified in the PLACE keyword

I believe that the ability to specify LINELE=CENTER was first suggested
by Unidata (Don), but the code modification(s) were never finished.

> This is exactly what we would have done to modify IMGDISP, but we
> are shifting it to the server ... code that YOU control.

Got it.  I will take a look at the code later today.

> To test this, enter a command like: IMGDISP NEXTRAD/BREF1 ID=MKX
> If you have the latest code, this should shove the NAV=PS string
> over the server. If you don't have the latest code, the code will chop
> off the PS and you will see NAV= (null) in the server request string.

OK, sounds good.  I will check on this later today.


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