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[McIDAS #CEY-749460]: Suggested feature additions for CIRCLE and IMGDISP

Hi Russ,

> Ok, I understand. But YOU are the guy that controls how the server
> operates.

Yes, and I will be the one that fixes any bugs that may be uncovered.

> Lets say there was a keyword that is passed by IMGDISP to all the
> servers that means different things to different servers. Lets say that
> keyword is passed to your server and your server knows that when this
> keyword is present it means use the ID location for an EC load. Lets say
> that keyword was NAV=PS (Position Station). Your server would now look
> for the new keyword, Find the Lat/Lon of the ID (on the server) and
> server the data as if the user had entered ID= STA= . That NAV=PS could
> be put into the IMGDISP.CORE.

Right.  I think that the action would be the same for me as it is for
any SSEC programmer:

- bug found our enhancement identified by someone (e.g., MUG)

- I would be contacted to fix the bug or add the enhancement;
  no problem

I guess the thing that got me off a little on this one is that the
MUG was getting inquiries from users of the SSEC distribution of
McIDAS asking if/when support would be added for the new Level III
and TDWR images.  If I didn't do the work (and I am the logical
one to do the work), someone in SSEC would have to be identified
and they would do the work.  The testing required would be the same
in either case.

Or, were you talking about possible changes to IMGDISP?


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