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[McIDAS #CEY-749460]: Suggested feature additions for CIRCLE and IMGDISP

Hi Russ,

While checking out displays of all of the new types of Nexrad
Level III and Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) radar
products, I started using the capabilities in the IMGDISP.CORE
construct... nice!

Currently, there is no clean way of specifying that one wants
the display of a Nexrad/TDWR radar product to be centered on
the station that is reporting the data.  I know that you can
add STATION to REQUIRED=ID, but this requires one to specify
both ID= and STATION= on the command line.  I find that the
natural way to display the radar data is centered on the station,
so the inability to easily specify where to place the image
is kinda klunky.

Also, what I am really after is to use the IMGDISP.CORE construct
to also annotate the display with range rings which would be
provided by CIRCLE.  Unfortunately, one must specify a
location to CIRCLE or it assumes that the user will move the
cursor to the desired location.

It would be "nice", therefore if:

- the default for the positioning of a radar product load could
  somehow be defaulted to the location of the station specified
  in the ID= keyword

- if CIRCLE was enhanced to either support the notion of:


  or a MODE=N (non-interactive mode)

What do you think?


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