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20091218: New Client Reply - [RAMADDA !ZKJ-217366]: Adding RAMADDA URL to catalog menu

Hi Dave,

I happened to see the following remark you made in a RAMADDA exchange
to Jeff Mc:

> ...
> (3) figure out if, and if, how, to tell WXP to save files in NetCDF format, 
> and
> see if the IDV will read them (a question for Dan Vietor to answer), be
> ause otherwise our METAR and syntopic and upper air point data aren't very
> useful on RAMADDA, either. (This matters because the ADDE servers of surface
> METAR data only make data available since 00Z of the current day, which is
> an absurdly short time.)

I don't know where you got the impression that ADDE servers only make
METAR data available for the current day.  The amount of data that will be
available depends on how the particular server is setup.  Currently the
ADDE servers that Unidata maintain (e.g., adde.ucar.edu,
adde.cise-nsf.gov) have the 9 most current days of data, and it can all
be accessed by McIDAS and the IDV.

What is true is that requests for POINT data other than for the current
day have to specify the day desired.  In McIDAS this is done with DAY=


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