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[McIDAS #LXT-411618]: imgremap.k: Error writing area directory

Hi Ed,

> if i set MCDATA to me( 'eryan' ), i can't 'see' the images.

The question I have is see _which_ images:

- do you mean that you can not access the images in the RTIMAGES

- or, do you mean that you can't see images in the MYDATA dataset
  that you think should be accessible?

> if i set MCDATA to 'mcidas', i can see the images, but i can't
> write ( /home/mcidas/workdata/AREA3000 ? ). see below.

> they won't/ i shouldn't be writing to /home/mcidas/


> i believe the scripts were originally working with MCDATA set to me.
> so how do 'i' see the images ?

I am a bit confused, but I have a hunch that your problem(s) could
be caused by one of two things.  Here are some comments that
may help us zero in on what is going on:

1) when one defines an ADDE dataset in McIDAS using the DSSERVE
   command, the dataset definition(s) get written into the
   file RESOLV.SRV.  RESOLV.SRV should be written in the users
   default working directory (MCDATA).

   So, if by not being able to see images you mean that the
   RTIMAGES dataset is not defined when you set things to
   work as 'you', but they are 'seen' when you set the
   first directory in your MCPATH to /home/mcidas/workdata,
   I have two "solutions":

   - set your MCPATH to include the /home/mcidas/workdata
     directory, but include your own McIDAS working directory
     before it:


   - OR, use DATALOC to point to the remote ADDE interface on

     DATALOC ADD RTIMAGES metofis.rsmas.miami.edu

     NB: this assumes that the 'mcidas' account and the system was
     setup to allow for remote ADDE access.  I just tried to
     access RTIMAGES off of metofis using this, and it did not
     work, but that may be because the firewall on metofis is
     not setup to allow port 112 access from me/machines outside
     of RSMAS.


- when you say that the disks were rebuilt on metofis, does this
  include a reinstallation/configuration of McIDAS?

  If yes, it is possible that the 'mcidas' account was not setup
  for remote ADDE access.  It is also possible that metofis was
  not setup for remote ADDE access.

> metofis /home2/eryan> cat /home2/eryan/lll_x
> ## define - for both cases
> setenv MCHOME /home/mcidas
> setenv MCGUI /home/mcidas/bin
> ## 1
> echo "---------------------------------------------------------------"
> ## define
> setenv MCDATA /home2/eryan/mcidas/data
> ## set
> setenv MCPATH {$MCDATA}:$MCHOME/data:$MCHOME/help
> ## check
> imglist.k RTIMAGES/GE-IR
> #  dsserve.k LIST MYDATA
> ## 2
> echo "---------------------------------------------------------------"
> ## define
> setenv MCDATA /home/mcidas/workdata
> ## set
> setenv MCPATH {$MCDATA}:$MCHOME/data:$MCHOME/help
> ## check
> imglist.k  RTIMAGES/GE-IR
> imgremap.k RTIMAGES/GE-IR MYDATA/IMAGES.3000 LAT=27.5 60 SSIZE=ALL SIZE=1526 
> 2220 PRO=RECT RES=4
> #  dsserve.k LIST MYDATA
> metofis /home2/eryan> source /home2/eryan/lll_x
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Image file directory listing for:RTIMAGES/GE-IR
> imglist.k: No images satisfy the selection criteria
> imglist.k: done
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Image file directory listing for:RTIMAGES/GE-IR
> Pos Satellite/         Date       Time      Center   Band(s)
> sensor                                 Lat  Lon
> --- -------------  ------------  --------  ---- ---- ------------
> 737  G-12 IMG       2 DEC 09336  18:15:00     0   72 4
> imglist.k: done
> ***********************************************
> *                  WARNING                    *
> * The entire source image will be used to     *
> * create the destination image. If the source *
> * image is located on a remote server, the    *
> * total number of bytes transfered will be:   *
> *                  4.72 MB                    *
> ***********************************************
> Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 4724488
> imgremap.k: transformations complete ... begin data move
> Transferring AREA data outbound, bytes= 3388648
> imgremap.k: Error writing area directory
> imgremap.k: Failed to write comment block
> metofis /home2/eryan>

OK, thanks for including the contents of your script.

By the way, the Unidata McIDAS distribution contains two example
Bourne shell scripts for running McIDAS commands outside of
an interactive McIDAS session.  Both scripts can be found in
the ~mcidas/data directory:

mcrun.sh   - sets needed environment variables and runs a sequence
             of McIDAS commands
mcbatch.sh - sets needed environment variables and runs commands
             in a McIDAS BATCH file

These scripts are designed to be:

- copied to a directory in the user's environment (e.g., MCDATA)
  using a different name (i.e., rename the file after it is copied
  to wherever you want to use it)

- edited by the user to define the processing to be done

Angel gave me a logon to metofis as 'mcidas' quite some time ago,
and I see that it still works (just SSHed to metofis).  Here is
what I now know about the McIDAS setup on metofis:

- the 'mcidas' account is not setup to support remote ADDE access

- the machine is not setup to allow remote ADDE access


- do you want me to setup the 'mcidas' account to allow for remote
  ADDE access?

  This is easily done by:

  - creating the file ~mcidas/.mcenv with the following content:

# Bourne/Korn shell environment variable definitions for the user 'mcidas'

# umask
umask 002

# MCHOME - HOME directory for the user 'mcidas'

# McIDAS environment variables

# Turn on ADDE logging

# Define the PATH

# Export the environment variables above

# CD to the MCDATA directory

- do you want to setup the machine to allow for remote ADDE access?

  This step needs to be done by 'root':

  - insure that there is an account named 'mcadde' defined on the
    system that is _not_ a login account (shell is /sbin/nologin)
    and has the same HOME directory as the user 'mcidas'.  For instance
    the /etc/passwd entry for 'mcadde' would look something like:

    mcadde:x:3001:100:McIDAS Remote ADDE:/home/mcidas:/sbin/nologin

  - setup xinetd to run all of the time

  - configure the firewall (if there is one) to allow inbound traffic
    on port 112 (remote ADDE accesses are made through port 112)

  - after xinetd is running and the user 'mcadde' exists, run the McIDAS
    mcinet configuration script to setup the access file used by xinetd:

    <as 'root'>
    cd /home/mcidas
    sh ./mcinet2007.sh install mcadde

Please let me know if you would like me to do some of the changes for
you on metofis.


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