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[McIDAS #QHK-962400]: FRNTDISP: error from m0wtxget -41001

Hi Marty,

A couple of things...

> FYI:  I built mcidas2009, on this Solaris box, I needed to change
> some code related to the TR command in cal_init and nav_init in order
> to get past a compile error that was happening in kbprep.for.
> The problem in cal_init and nav_init was with the TR command.   The
> TR command we were using in /usr/bin/tr did not work for [:lower:] [:upper:].
> I changed it from:
> Tmp=`echo "abcd" | $TR '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'
> tmp=`echo "abcd" | $TR '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'
> After changing this - things compiled.

I ran into the same thing last night (this was the snag that I referred
to yesterday), and took a slightly different approach:

I changed the test to see which version of TR to use to use the
[:class:] syntax.  The reason for this way of checking is that
the version of TR in /usr/xpg4/bin supports the [:class:]
syntax, while the TR in /usr/local/bin does not.  The thing I need
to do is use the appropriate syntax for the version of TR
used.  This will be in the first v2009 addendum.

Just so you now: I am struggling to find the cause for the
core dumps being experienced by the ADDE Text server wtxgserv.
I will be working on this throughout the day and will let
you know when a fix has been implemented.  This problem is
strange since I do not see it on another user's Solaris 10
x86_64 system!?


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