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[McIDAS #JRK-547142]: install mcidas2009 in a SUN Solaris10x86_64 machine

Hi Hsie,

re: problem in the g2clib code that is causing the GRIB2 processing to not work
under Solaris x86 64-bit
re: Are you willing for me to make this test?

> Yes, please.

Very good.


- is there a 32-bit MySQL development environment on stratus?
- if yes, where is it located (I need to know the location of
  the include files and shared libraries

> I know you have other system running Solaris x86_64 OS.  Are you running
> 32-bit or 64-bit application (LDM, McIDAS, or gempak) on those machines?

On motherlode.ucar.edu (top level THREDDS/ADDE server) and ingest.cise-nsf.gov
(a motherlode clone at NSF/ATM that will take the place of the existing
machine, atm.cise-nsf.gov in the not too distant future), we are running:

- 32-bit McIDAS-X/-XCD (I had forgotten the problems with the g2clib cracking
  of GRIB2 messages on those machines when McIDAS-X/-XCD is compiled in 64-bit

- 64-bit LDM

- 32-bit GEMPAK (how its get build out of the box)

- 32-bit ldm-mcidas (but 64-bit works fine also)

On Linux machines, we run whatever is native.  Both 32-bit and 64-bit
installations of McIDAS run with no problems under Linux (!).

SSEC's recommendation for XCD has always been to run on 32-bit OSes
as that is what they use for testing.  The have since more fully
embraced 64-bit, _but_ they only test on Linux (RedHat Enterprise
4 or 5).

As soon as I know where to find the 32-bit MySQL development libraries
and include files, I will rebuild McIDAS v2009 on stratus.  Until then
it might be a good idea to turn off NGRID processing.  The reason is
that each GRIB2 message that does not get correctly processed gets
appended to the file naverror.grb2.  Note that I deleted this file
last night because it had gotten to be _very_ large.

To turn off the NGRID processing (NGRID's products are all in GRIB2
format), make the following change in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf_mcidaA:


# NOAAPORT-broadcast model output
HRS|NGRID       .*      PIPE
        xcd_run HRS


# NOAAPORT-broadcast model output
HRS       .*      PIPE
        xcd_run HRS

After making the change, verify that the syntax is still correct:

ldmadmin pqactcheck

If this shows no errors, send a HUP signal to the pqact processes
telling them to reread their configuration files:

ldmadmin pqactHUP


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