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[McIDAS #MFL-862729]: Mcidas Error Messages

Hi Adam,

> I started getting the following error messages in my ldm-mcidas.log file:
> Jul 17 15:43:11 proftomd[20032] INFO: Starting up
> Jul 17 15:43:11 proftomd[20032] NOTE: Making /data/mcidas/MDXX0098; may take 
> some time...
> Jul 17 15:43:11 proftomd[20032] ERROR: unable to locate schema WPR6 in SCHEMA 
> file
> Jul 17 15:43:11 proftomd[20032] ERROR: Unable to create MD file 
> /data/mcidas/MDXX0098.  Aborting!
> Jul 17 15:43:11 proftomd[20032] INFO: Exiting

This could be caused from a couple things:

- the WPR6 schema not being found in the McIDAS SCHEMA file that
  should exist in the directory in which the 6-minute profiler
  MD file is to be created

- the SCHEMA file in the directory in which the 6-minute profiler
  MD file is to be created is blank (zero length).  This could
  happen if you turned on LDM scouring in the directory in which
  McIDAS MD files are created.  If you did do this, you should
  turn it off as soon as possible.  Scouring of the directory
  used for McIDAS-XCD processing should only be done by the
  'mcscour.sh' script that I provide in the Unidata McIDAS

  The reason that LDM's scour must not be used is it deletes
  files that have timestamps older than 'n' days (where your
  specify the directory(s) to scour and 'n' days in the
  ~ldm/etc/scour.conf file).  Since the McIDAS SCHEMA file does
  not get written to/updated after it gets installed, LDM's
  'scour' will delete it after it gets to be 'n' days old.
  The next time an ldm-mcidas decoder (like proftomd) tries
  to access the file, it gets created with zero length.
  At this point all bets are off for _all_ McIDAS/ldm-mcidas
  processing that creates MD files.

> It's also spitting out this in the ldmd.log file:
> Jul 17 15:43:11 tornado pqact[4165] NOTE: child 20032 exited with status 255

The LDM log file will contain entries noting when decoders run
by pqact have terminated prematurely.  The aborting of proftomd
is likely responsible for at least some of the 'child nnnnn exited'
messages in ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log.

> I'm not sure exactly what is going on here.  Something is missing..just
> not sure what.

I am betting on there being an entry in 'scour's configuration
file (again, ~ldm/etc/scour.conf) that is causing it to scour
the directory used by McIDAS and ldm-mcidas decoders.  This needs
to be turned off it it is what is happening.  What also must be done

<as 'mcidas'>
cp ~/data/SCHEMA <XCDDATA directory seen in in tl.k listing>
dmap.k SCHEMA   <- location should match XCDDATA directory seen in tl.k listing;
                   if it doesn't, run:

                   redirect.k ADD SCHEMA \"<XCDDATA directory seen in in tl.k 
batch.k SCHEMA.BAT

At this point, SCHEMA should be fully populated with schema for
the various McIDAS MD files.


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