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[McIDAS #TSY-435654]: IDV/ADDE Questions

Hi Adam,

> Here is the output to dataloc.k LIST command:
> address@hidden workdata]$ dataloc.k LIST
> Group Name                    Server IP Address
> --------------------         ----------------------------------------
> AMRC                         UWAMRC.SSEC.WISC.EDU
> CIMSS                        <LOCAL-DATA>
> EAST                         UNIDATA2.SSEC.WISC.EDU
> EUM_AD                       ADDE.EUMETSAT.INT
> GINICOMP                     TORNADO.GEOS.ULM.EDU
> GINIEAST                     TORNADO.GEOS.ULM.EDU
> GINIWEST                     TORNADO.GEOS.ULM.EDU
> GOESEAST                     UNIDATA2.SSEC.WISC.EDU
> ME7                          IO.SCA.UQAM.CA
> MYDATA                       <LOCAL-DATA>
> NEXRCOMP                     TORNADO.GEOS.ULM.EDU
> PUB                          SATEPSANONE.NESDIS.NOAA.GOV
> RTGRIB2                      <LOCAL-DATA>
> RTGRIBS                      <LOCAL-DATA>
> RTGRIDS                      <LOCAL-DATA>
> RTIMAGES                     <LOCAL-DATA>
> RTNEXRAD                     <LOCAL-DATA>
> RTPTSRC                      <LOCAL-DATA>
> RTWXTEXT                     <LOCAL-DATA>
> SOUTH                        GOESSOUTH.UNIDATA.UCAR.EDU
> TOPO                         <LOCAL-DATA>
> WEST                         UNIDATA2.SSEC.WISC.EDU
> <LOCAL-DATA> indicates that data will be accessed from the local data
> directory.
> DATALOC -- done

Very good.  Please remember that when you access the
datasets that DATALOC (dataloc.k) shows as being LOCAL-DATA from
McIDAS, you are not going through the remote ADDE server.

For reference, all datasets that I expect to be able to access
through the remote ADDE interface work from my home McIDAS
and IDV installations:


The model data datasets are accessible through McIDAS but
not through the IDV.  The reason for this is that the IDV
does not (yet) know how to deal with model data served
through ADDE.

> Now...I know the ADDE server is serving some data...I have RTIMAGES, CIMMS,
> RTNIDS(shows but says no dataset is found),and TOPO as datasets shown in
> IDV.

RTNIDS is an archaic dataset.  The dataset for Nexrad Level III
data is RTNEXRAD.  Access to this dataset from your remote ADDE
server works for me in both McIDAS and IDV.

> Now a question...what file in mcidas is the config file for the datasets
> that ADDE serves??  I thought it was LSSERVE.BAT

The persistent server mapping table is $MCDATA/RESOLV.SRV.  LSSERVE.BAT
is a McIDAS BATCH file that is used to setup the ADDE server definitions.
After it is run, it is no longer used.

> Port 112 access to the outside world should be allowed sometime this
> morning...our firewall guy forwarding that port.

It was setup by the time I tried my tests.

> Oh..and one note...I did compile Mcidas with GRIB serve support (MySQL)...

OK.  This seems to be working for McIDAS clients.

> Thanks for the help!!!

No worries.


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