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Hi Robert,

This note is a quick update on the progress of using the LEO
command with polar orbiter data from the PLR dataset on

I have been talking with Russ Dengel about how to use LEO
in the context of the PLR dataset images.  It turns out
that LEO uses NAVCALC which, in turn, access NAV datasets
in one of its options.  Both Russ and I played around with
NAVCALC yesterday, and it became immediately obvious that
the LOS or VIEW options of NAVCALC rely on the most recent
image available in a dataset.  Since this is not what is
desired (one can not project orbital passes into the past),
Russ volunteered to investigate updating LEO.  Here is
a snippit from one of his emails:

   "I just sent a note to Brian covering what we talked about.

    I then went to Santek and asked about the NAVCALC command. Turns out 
    that we really want to use the 3rd option (TLE) navigation. Its easy to 
    get (just an ftp from a web source directly into a local text file which 
    can be accessed by ADDE. These files hold navigational elements for all 
    current Polar platforms and the navigation can be projected forward and 
    backwards in time. The image dataset option that we were trying to use 
    ONLY works for the latest image.

    I try to re-rig LEO to use TLE instead of NAV datasets."

The Brian Russ is referring to is Brian Hughes of NOAA/ESPC.  I suggested
that Russ/SSEC get access to the ESPC server that is hosting the PLR
data mainly so we could both test using the same data.

So, Russ is now looking into upgrading LEO to be able to use TLE
navigation datasets -- he seemed pretty confident that this should
work.  If/when he gets the code working, he will send me the updated
source, and I will roll it into a Unidata McIDAS addendum.

Stay tuned...


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