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[McIDAS #ANL-325610]: imgdisp.k BAR arg sometimes give errors and WWDISP/FRNTDISP take a longer time to run.

Hi Marty,

re: WWDISP is slow again
> I did find the XCD.BAT file in /usr/local/mcidas/data/XCD.BAT --
> I copied it into the $MCDATA directory and then stopped the
> ldm (as ldm user) and then ran batch.k XCD.BAT (as mcidas user).
> I then restarted the ldm.

Copying ~mcidas/data/XCD.BAT to ~mcidas/workdata was not necessary.
XCD.BAT would have been found by BATCH (batch.k) by virtue of the
MCPATH definition in the 'mcidas' account.

> After waiting a bit I have not seem any "RAT" files created in
> the /usr/local/ldm/data/mcidas directory.

When I logged on this evening, some *.RAT files had been created.

> I will wait a bit more to see if they start to update.

I believe that the problem was that you had setup the LDM 'scour'
utility to scour the ~ldm/data/mcidas directory.  This is not
what is desired since there are files in the ~ldm/data/mcidas
directory that do not change (like SCHEMA), so 'scour' (perhaps
run as 'ldmadmin scour') will delete them. This will have the
effect of causing the decoders to stop working when the file
gets scoured.  This fits the scenario you observed:  access to
the RTWXTEXT dataset was fast and then became slow because one
ore more files needed by the processing routines got deleted.

I remedied this situation by editing ~ldm/etc/scour.conf and
commenting out the line that was causing ~ldm/data/mcidas to
be scoured.  The crontab-initiated routine 'mcscour.sh' is
doing all of the scouring in the ~ldm/data/mcidas directory
that is needed/wanted, so you don't have to worry about doing
additional scouring.

Let's keep an eye on things to verify that my change has had
the correct effect.


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