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[McIDAS #JUT-731693]: Cannot generate composite RTIMAGES/GEW-IRTOPO and POINTS

Hi Martin,

> I work for Rob Gillies at the Utah State Climate Center

Please say hi to Rob for me...

> and we are setting up ldm and mcidas on a new SunOs.
> We are moving from an ubuntu box to Sun.

Interesting...  we routinely see users moving _to_ Linux.  It is
rare to hear of a site moving away from Linux.

> I have run into some issues with mcidas that I have been working
> on for a couple of days now.  I have gone through a lot of the
> documentation which has been helpful in learning about mcidas and
> its setup.  I am new to LDM and MCIDAS and had signed up to take
> the training last year but was unable to attend.  I plan on attending
> this year if possible.

very good.  I would recommend also attending the LDM workshop.

> We are getting imagery in for both RTIMAGES East and West on LOCAL-DATA.
> However, I cannot seem to get the Composite to create (i.e. 

OK.  This is setup through in the LDM account by making sure that:

- the ldm-mcidas Bourne shell script 'batch.k' has been:

  - copied to a directory in the PATH of the user 'ldm'.

    We recommend ~ldm/util or ~ldm/decoders.

    NB: do _not_ copy the script to the ~ldm/bin directory!

  - making sure that execute permissions have been set on 'batch.k'

  - 'batch.k' has been edited to possibly modify environment variable
    settings to match your desired setup (e.g., logging, etc.)

- ROUTE.SYS and SYSKEY.TAB have been installed in a directory where
  the input (GOES-East and GOES-West) and output composite images

- an LDM pattern-action file has been configured to kick off the compositing

  The entry that would be most appropriate for this would look something

UNIWISC ^pnga2area Q. (..) (.*) (.*) (.*) (.*) (........) (....)
        PIPE    -close
        pnga2area -vl logs/ldm-mcidas.log
        -a etc/SATANNOT
        -b etc/SATBAND
        -d data/mcidas -r \1,\2

- that compositing has been enabled in the McIDAS routing table, ROUTE.SYS

> It is my understanding that the RTIMAGES/GEW-IR is a composite of both East
> and West so I think that getting the data in from ldm would not be
> the problem.

Correct, except the GEW-IR images also need to be created locally by
a compositing step.

> I have made sure that route.k says that composite and topo are not suspended.



- did you make sure that the copy of ROUTE.SYS in which the compositing was
  RELeasted (not SUSpended) is the one that lives in the directory where
  the composites are to be created?

> It is probably something simple but I have not been able to find it.
> Do you have any suggestions that I could try to pin point the problem.

Please send the output of the following command invocations:

<as 'mcidas'>


dmap.k ROUTE.SYS
route.k LIST

ls -alt .                    <- I want to see the read/write permissions on the
                                $MCDATA directory

<as 'ldm'>

touch ~mcidas/workdata/xxx   <- does this work?  Again, I am looking
                                for permission for 'ldm' to write into the
                                $MCDATA directory of 'mcidas'
rm -f ~mcidas/workdata/xxx

ls -alt ~ldm/util/batch.k    <- or wherever you copied the 'batch.k' script

id ldm
id mcidas

> Also I do not seem to be generating POINTS data.  Which might be a separate
> problem.

And maybe not.  This hints that your file REDIRECTions in McIDAS may not
be setup/setup correctly/working.


- did you run the mcxconfig script to configure things from the 'mcidas'

> Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

I am happy to logon to your machine and do some snooping.  If you decide
to grant me logon (SSH, that is) access, I would need the passwords
for both users 'ldm' and 'mcidas'.  If you decide to grant me this, please
do the following:

- send the passwords to my personal email account, address@hidden
  with NO reference to the account names and NO reference to the machine
  on which you are running the LDM and McIDAS

- in a separate email, please send me the name of the machine on which you
  are running McIDAS and the LDM

> Thanks,

No worries.

> See Attachment for details.

We did not receive any attachments with your email.


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