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Hi Robert,

> For our upcoming launches in late May-June from Sweden to Canada
> (latitude range 65 to 71N) I was wanting to use the LEO command to
> generate polar orbiter imagery under the balloon.  I am getting polar
> orbiter imagery from the SATEPS servers.  If you have access it is the
> PLR dataset.

Its a great set of data!

> Is there anything in the LEODATA.CORE file I would need to change other
> than the dataset names?  It looks like their is some NAV info that
> would need to be changed.

I interpret the LEODATA.CORE entry commentary to mean that one needs
to provide NAV information also.  Since I have not used the LEO command
(lack of access to polar orbiter data), I will send Russ Dengel a
note asking him about what is needed or not (Russ is the author of LEO).
I will get back to you when I hear back from Russ...

> If you don't have access to the PLR dataset I can give you temp
> access on my machine here and let you look at it with DSINFO..etc.

I have access to PLR on SATEPSDIST4E.NESDIS.NOAA.GOV.  Is this the
same ADDE server you are using?

> BTW, Sateps is already producing a nice North Atlantic composite
> that covers the area, but the problem is too many of the stitched
> sectors don't match.  That's in the MOS dataset.

I see that MOS is served off of SATEPSDIST6E.NESDIS.NOAA.GOV:


        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: MOS

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
MOGLOPEX08I3    48    global mosaic WV 8k
MOGLOPEX08I4    48    global mosaic IR 8k
MONATL08I4      48    no atl mosaic IR 8k PS 50 45
MONPAC08I4      48    no pac mosaic IR 8k PS 50 165
POS           9999

    No Datasets found of Type: POINT in Group: MOS
    No Datasets found of Type: GRID  in Group: MOS

        Dataset Names of Type: TEXT  in Group: MOS

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
SPS              1    SPIDER II file

    No Datasets found of Type: NAV   in Group: MOS
DSINFO -- done

I took a look at the 8 km channel 4 IR Atlantic composite and
see what you mean about the visual mismatch between the sectors
that have been stitched together.


- do you need a high resolution composite image?

I ask since NOAAPort contains a couple of 24 km composite images that
may be of immediate use:

        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: GINICOMP                         
Name         NumPos   Content                                                   
------------ ------   --------------------------------------                    
GMC24KIR     99999    GINI 24 km 10.7 um Mult-Composite                         
GMC24KVIS    99999    GINI 24 km VIS Mult-Composite                             
GMC24KWV     99999    GINI 24 km WV Mult-Composite                              
GNC24KIR     99999    GINI 24 km 10.7 um Nhem-Composite                         
GNC24KVIS    99999    GINI 24 km VIS Nhem-Composite                             
GNC24KWV     99999    GINI 24 km WV Nhem-Composite                              
GSN8KCTP     99999    GINI 8 km Sounder Cloud Top Pressure                      
GSN8KIR      99999    GINI 8 km 10.7 um Super-National                          
GSN8KLI      99999    GINI 8 km Sounder Lifted Index                            
GSN8KPW      99999    GINI 8 km Sounder Precipitable Water                      
GSN8KSFCT    99999    GINI 8 km Sounder SFC Skin Temperature                    
GSN8KVIS     99999    GINI 8 km VIS Super-National                              
GSN8KWV      99999    GINI 8 km WV Super-National                               
DSINFO -- done

The GINICOMP/GMC24KIR images look they could be of some use.


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