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[McIDAS #YKB-557017]: Unable to grant access to McIDAS

Hi Guillermo,

> I'm the server admin for "Departamento en Ciencias de la Atmosfera y los
> Oceanos" (DCAO) from "Universidad de Buenos Aires" (UBA), and previously,
> past last year, we had downloaded the mcidas; but now as I login I recieve
> the message "Unable to grant access to McIDAS"
> We need to download it as we are installing a new server.

SSEC, the owner and primary developer of McIDAS, has refined their definition
of allowable use of McIDAS at institutions outside of the U.S..  I am required
now to have you read and agree to the following:

In order to allow non-'.edu' users (users whose email addresses do not end
in '.edu') to have access to our distribution of McIDAS-X, we are required
by SSEC, the owners/developers of McIDAS, to have those users agree to the

  SSEC considers permissible users of the international university community
  to be those who are using McIDAS-X for academic classroom instruction or
  academic research by students related to obtaining a degree. Research 
  and government agencies that use McIDAS-X for meteorological research or
  operations must purchase a license from SSEC for the non-academic use. Given
  this clarification, and if Unidata users remain within the licensing terms
  that include no re-distribution of any portion of the software, SSEC is 
  to providing this software to the international university Unidata user 

So, we need a clear statement from you that specifies all of the following:

- you are accessing McIDAS from Unidata for use in a university
- McIDAS must be used for academic classroom instruction or academic research
  by students related to obtaining a degree
- your installation of McIDAS is not for use by a government agency, 
  research institute, or private concern
- you agree that you will not re-distribute any portion of the software

As soon as you let us know that your use of Unidata McIDAS will conform to the
items above, we will add your  email address address@hidden to the list
that allows downloading of Unidata McIDAS.

I _know_ that you/UBA meet the conditions above.  All I need now is your
statement that you agree to the restrictions.  As soon as I have your
reply, we will add your to the list of non-.edu users allowed to access
Unidata McIDAS-X.  I apologize for the inconvenience!

> Thanks in advanced,

No worries.  Again, I apologize for the inconvenience!


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Ticket ID: YKB-557017
Department: Support McIDAS
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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