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[McIDAS #STG-808468]: Conversion of mcidas area to shapefile format

Hi Randy,

> Forgive my ignorance but what is the IDD NGRID datastream. Is this on
> our noaaport feed?

Sites running a current version of the Unidata NOAAPort ingest package will
see the following LDM datastreams being populated by the ingesters:

HDS (aka HRS)

The contents of NGRID are the GRIB2 products from the NOAAPort 'nwstg2'
channel.  These are higher resolution model output.  The HDS datastream,
on the other hand, contains lower resolution model output from NOAAPort.

NB: I say running a current version of the Unidata NOAAPort ingest package
since SSEC was quite far behind on the version they were using AND making
available to McIDAS-XCD users some time ago.  They updated their NOAAPort
ingesters and made the new code available to McIDAS-XCD users, but it is
unknown to me if your site upgraded to the newer distribution.

> Incidently, I checked our noaapxcd machine and in the /data/grib folder
> there is a lot of grib files for things like NAM, GFS, ECMW, etc.
> However, no SREF or GEFS.

OK.  I just checked my workstation and see that there are LOTS of grib2
messages labeled SREF.  Here are a few examples:

SREF-AKPS45KM.113.2009019.1500.57.grb2  SREF-USLC2.113.2009018.2100.0.grb2
SREF-AKPS45KM.113.2009019.1500.60.grb2  SREF-USLC2.113.2009018.2100.18.grb2
SREF-AKPS45KM.113.2009019.1500.63.grb2  SREF-USLC2.113.2009018.2100.21.grb2
SREF-AKPS45KM.113.2009019.1500.66.grb2  SREF-USLC2.113.2009018.2100.24.grb2
SREF-AKPS45KM.113.2009019.1500.69.grb2  SREF-USLC2.113.2009018.2100.27.grb2

Notice that all of these are grib2.  This tells me that they come from
the NGRID datastream.

One of two things is possible at this point:

- your NOAAPort ingest software is old
- your NOAAPort ingest machine is getting the NGRID data, but it
  is not processing it

I don't recall if your NOAAPort ingest machine, noaapxcd, is the
NOAAPort ingester, or if it is downstream of the actual ingester.
Which is it?

To process the NGRID data, you must make sure that two things are
setup correctly:

- ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf     <- to send the NGRID data to the pqact
                            instance for processing

- ~ldm/etc/<pattern-action-file> <- to have the appropriate action
                                    to process the NGRIDdata

Here is the setup I recommend for Unidata McIDAS-X/-XCD uesrs:


exec    "pqact -f IDS|DDPLUS|HRS|NGRID|FNEXRAD|NIMAGE etc/pqact.conf_mcidasA"


# NOAAPORT-broadcast model output
HRS|NGRID       .*      PIPE
        xcd_run HRS


- I have my workstation and adde.ucar.edu setup to process the model
  data using MySQL serving

- McIDAS-XCD GRID decoding is NOT able to process GRIB2 data
> I will try the notifyme command but I am guessing that cant be performed
> on my own machine running the ldm, correct?

Incorrect.  Assuming that your NOAAPort ingest machine is noaapxcd.x.y.z,
the 'notifyme' invocation to see what is being received is:

<as 'ldm' on your own machine>
notifyme -vxl- -f NGRID -h noaapxcd.x.y.z -o 10000

This will work if:

- noaapxcd.x.y.z is setup to "allow" your machine to request data from

- noaapxcd.x.y.z is ingesting data into the NGRID datastream

> Thanks,

No worries.


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