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[McIDAS #EXQ-796373]: McIDAS install

Hi Paul,

> OK...I think I have it figured out!
> First...there were problems with some of the statements i made yesterday
> with the ADDE server not working correctly. Dave restarted it yesterday
> and things seem to be working fine.

OK, but I did make the change to use LOCAL-DATA datasets instead of going
through the remote ADDE interface yesterday evening.  This may or may not,
be the reason that things are now working without problem.

> As for the Alaska WV image...
> I changed the batch file to use GINIWEST/GAN8KWV rather than the 16km
> resolution since it doesnt seem like we have any of the 16km resolution
> data being sent! Which is why it was failing. Now things are working and
> doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Interesting.  I will have a look when I get a few minutes (taking an after
lunch break here at the AMS Conference).

> I have been able to get our site working again with all the McIDAS images.

Excellent news!

> I will try to do some changes in the future when I have a chance to read
> the tutorials.


> One question...i want to run mcidas-x by hand but am not exporting the
> display correctly. SO I havent run a GUI on MCIDAS for about 4 years. Any
> help there? I am thinking I might want to have another user run mcidas.

Once you have your DISPLAY setup so you can open any X Window (e.g., xclock,
xterm, xeyes, etc.), try the following:

mcidas -config

This should pop-up a gui that allows you to select a number of things like
the number of frames allocated in a session; the size of the frames; the
number of graphics and image colors; etc.  Down toward the bottom of the
gui, there is a selector for the type of gui to run: Unidata MCGUI,
SSEC GUI, or none.  I suggest you start by playing with the Unidata MCGUI.
This setup can be saved with another action at the bottom of the gui
so that you don't have to reset the parameters for each interactive session
(or you can play with different settings to get the one you like best).

The MCGUI is very simple, so it should be pretty easy to get around and
use.  There is a Command and Text window that is opened when you left click
on the button with the keyboard icon.  You can see the commands run by the
MCGUI in that window and recall them for reexecution and/or editing.  The
idea behind the MCGUI was to give an environment in which one could see
some nice displays created by the gui and then examine how they were made.

Got to run...


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