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[McIDAS #EXQ-796373]: McIDAS install

Hi Gilbert,

> I took your advice and blew McIDAS away, making sure the variables were
> correct, as you suggested. Davebb will reinstall the ADDE server shortly.

Re-installation of the ADDE server is likely not needed.  The installation
done by ~mcidas/mcinet2008.sh sets up the file /etc/xinetd.d/mcidas and
sends a HUP signal to xinetd.  The key to the remote ADDE serving working
correctly is:

- the user running the remote server is 'mcadde' not 'mcidas'
- 'mcadde' shares the same home directory and group as 'mcidas'
- 'mcadde' is not a login account
- the file ~mcidas/.mcenv has been created and has appropriate

> Comments I forgot to mention:
> mcxinstall is NOT put in /home/mcidas/workdata as the instructions say,
> but in /home/mcidas/bin

I don't know what 'mcxinstall' is.  The McIDAS unpacking script is named
mcunpack; it is designed to be copied to the HOME directory of 'mcidas'
and run from there _after_ the environment variable McINST_ROOT has been


- are you referring to 'mcxconfig'?

'mcxconfig' is the Tcl script that is to be run to configure the McIDAS
installation.  It gets installed in the ~mcidas/bin directory.  It is
run from the ~mcidas/workdata directory

> mcxinstall says it is the 2007 version when you run it

This might be an oversight on my part -- the Version reference should be
dynamic, not static (i.e., read ~mcidas/data/VERSION.TXT).

> /home/mcidas/data/LOCAL.NAM at top says the file name is MCX.NAM
> /home/mcidas/data/LSSERVE.BAT at top says the file name is MYADDE.BAT
> /home/mcidas/data/LOCDATA.BAT at top says the file name is DATALOC.BAT

I have never seen references to MCX.NAM or MYADDE.BAT from 'mcxconfig'.
DATALOC.BAT is the template from which LOCDATA.BAT is created.  The user
configuring the McIDAS installation is directed by 'mcxconfig' to edit
~mcidas/data/LOCDATA.BAT to set values appropriate for the site's install.

> mcxinstall has again, a reference to 2007's version:

Again, if we are talking about 'mcxconfig', this is likely an oversight
on my part... it should be dynamic.

> 13) Configure the remote ADDE server...
> The final step in setting up McIDAS is the configuration of the
> remote ADDE server.  'root' must perform the configuration as follows:
> - create an account named 'mcadde'
> - set the HOME directory for 'mcadde' to be the same as for 'mcidas'
> - configure the 'mcadde' account to NOT alllow logins.  For most
> operating systems this is done by setting the 'mcadde's SHELL
> to '/bin/false' in /etc/passwd.  On Linux the 'mcadde's shell
> is specified as /sbin/nologin.
> - make sure that 'inetd'/'xinetd' is installed and running
> - run the ADDE setup script, /home/mcidas/mcinet2007.sh:
> cd /home/mcidas
> sh ./mcinet2007.sh install mcadde
> - adjust firewall rules to allow access to the machine through port 112
> Press <Enter> to continue:

OK.  You _are_ referring to 'mcxconfig'.

> And there you go. Just thought you'd want to know!

Your experience is outside of anything I have seen so far.  I see that you
(or Paul) is reinstalling McIDAS on climate right now.  I will kibitz to
see if anything jumps out at me.


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