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[McIDAS #EXQ-796373]: McIDAS install

Hi Paul and Gilbert,

Gilbert said:
> That went right over my head yesterday when you posted that...sorry, I was
> pretty tired. So, I have a "kickoff" script of my own for my satellite images.
> I'm busy today, but here are my paths in my kickoff script, and I bet you will
> see pretty quickly where the problem is:
> MCHOME=/home/mcidas
> MCDATA=$MCHOME/workdata
> MCLOG=$MCDATA/crontab.log
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:/lib:$MCHOME/lib:/usr/lib
> Yep, in MCPATH, the batches and workdata files aren't referenced in mine. I
> commented out those in your kickoff script just now; check out the kickoff
> script and you'll see the line in question commented out, and the line below 
> it
> with the batches and workdata directories taken out. And see if it runs now.

Paul said:
> I do not think this was the problem. In McIDAS itself, on a command
> prompt, I typed in batch.k  it said it could not find the command because
> it wasnt in /home/mcidas/workdata
> that PATH for mcidas login *should* look in ~mcidas/bin but it is not.

Paul is correct.  MCPATH specifies a list of colon-separated directories
that McIDAS will look through when looking for a data or anciallary data
file (ancillary data files are things like enhancements, stretch tables,
map files, etc.).  Paul's *kickoff scripts correctly added directories
that are additions to the "standard" locations to the end of MCPATH.
"Standard" directories included in MCPATH for the user 'mcidas' are:

With MCHOME defined to be /home/mcidas::

MCDATA       - most typically $MCHOME/workdata
$MCHOME/data - the installation location of ancillary data files from
               the McIDAS distribution
$MCHOME/help - the installation location of McIDAS HELP files

Paul's *kickoff scripts added the following two directories to this:


PATH, on the other hand, is a colon separated list of directories that
*nix looks through when looking for executables.  So, if batch.k is not
being found, the PATH that is in scope does not contain the directory
in which batch.k lives.

Second comment:

McIDAS executables are named prog.k (e.g., batch.k, imgdisp.k, etc.).  Within
an interactive McIDAS session (like through the MCGUI), these executables
are referred to by the case-shifted base part of their name (e.g., BATCH, 

> And things are still not working

It sounds like things are getting closer.


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