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[McIDAS #EXQ-796373]: McIDAS install

Hi Paul,

> i will get to those hanges when i return or perhaps Gilbert can look at
> that.


> I have figured out some of the problems I think...I had created AREA files
> for mapping that were not copied over and I have fixed that.
> When I run /home/mcidas/scripts/eregionalvis.pl that calls
> /home/mcidas/batches/EREGIONALVIS.BAT and in that I receive this error
> IMGDISP: Image data server unable to resolve this dataset: RTGINI/GE1KVIS
> This seems to be the biggest problem right now.
> Can you help with this specifically?

OK, this one is easy.  The RTGINI dataset is archaic (not old, archaic!).  A
LONG time ago, the RTGINI dataset was divided into three different datasets:

GINIEAST - NOAAPort images from GOES-East
GINIWEST - NOAAPort images from GOES-West
GINICOMP - NOAAPort composite images

A quick 'grep RTGINI *.BAT' run from your /home/mcidas/batches directory shows
that there are a LOT of references to RTGINI that should be changed.  I made
the change to EREGIONALVIS.BAT show you how.  Basically, the ADDE dataset
descriptor portion of the name will indicate the relevant GOES platform.  For

GE1KVIS -> GOES-East 1 km VIS (0.65 um)
GE4KIR  -> GOES-East 4 km IR (10.7 um)

GW1KVIS -> GOES-West 1 km VIS (0.65 um)
GW4KIR  -> GOES-West 4 km IR (10.7 um)

The list of composite images is a bit more difficult to figure out.
Here is a 'DSINFO IMAGE GINICOMP' listing from the server ADDE.UCAR.EDU:


        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: GINICOMP

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
GMC24KIR     99999    GINI 24 km 10.7 um Mult-Composite
GMC24KVIS    99999    GINI 24 km VIS Mult-Composite
GMC24KWV     99999    GINI 24 km WV Mult-Composite
GNC24KIR     99999    GINI 24 km 10.7 um Nhem-Composite
GNC24KVIS    99999    GINI 24 km VIS Nhem-Composite
GNC24KWV     99999    GINI 24 km WV Nhem-Composite
GSN8KCTP     99999    GINI 8 km Sounder Cloud Top Pressure
GSN8KIR      99999    GINI 8 km 10.7 um Super-National
GSN8KLI      99999    GINI 8 km Sounder Lifted Index
GSN8KPW      99999    GINI 8 km Sounder Precipitable Water
GSN8KSFCT    99999    GINI 8 km Sounder SFC Skin Temperature
GSN8KVIS     99999    GINI 8 km VIS Super-National
GSN8KWV      99999    GINI 8 km WV Super-National

DSINFO -- done


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