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[McIDAS #GZV-720955]: Cloud drift wind vectors available via ADDE?

Hi Greg,

Sorry for the slow response...

> Do you know if cloud drift wind products are available via ADDE
> or LDM? I thought I heard something a while back that these products
> were being made available in this way? I have a project where they
> will spend a lot of time flying in the southern hemisphere and the PIs
> are interested in this product.

I seem to recall that cloud drift winds are available via ADDE somewhere,
but I can't recall exactly where at the moment.

I did a Google search using 'cloud drift winds +md' and found an interesting
article by Chris Velden (SSEC/CIMSS):


In this article, Chris notes that cloud drift winds can be found on SSEC
and NESDIS FTP servers:

Product/Source                       CIMSS                      NESDIS          
MODIS single-satellite, bent-pipe    text, MD                   BUFR, text, MD  
        1, 2
MODIS mixed-satellite,  bent-pipe    - (temporarily disabled)   - (expected 
late-2008)  3
MODIS direct broadcast               text, MD, BUFR             -               
        4, 5
AVHRR GAC                                                       - (expected 
mid-2008)   6
AVHRR HRPT                                                      -               
AVHRR MetOp (experimental)           text, MD, BUFR             - (expected 
early 2009) 6
Historical AVHRR                     BUFR                       -               

Servers referenced in table above (all anonymous FTP):

1. MODIS Bent-pipe from CIMSS: ftp.ssec.wisc.edu in velden/winds/terra and
   velden/winds/aqua. Mirrored on stratus.ssec.wisc.edu in pub/winds/rts/terra 
2. MODIS Bent-pipe from NESDIS operations: The BUFR files are on
   gp16.ssd.nesdis.noaa.gov in pub/bufr/modis_winds. The text and MD files are 
   ftp.ssec.wisc.edu in velden/winds/terra/NOAA and velden/winds/aqua/NOAA, as 
well as on
   stratus.ssec.wisc.edu in pub/winds/rts/terra/NOAA and 
3. MODIS mixed-satellite: (not currently available)
4. ...

> Thanks,

Sorry I didn't have any links to ADDE servers...


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