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[McIDAS #EUT-864314]: mcidas 2008 build problems

Hi Bill,

> Thanks Tom:

No worries.

> Mostly it works fine AFAIK.

Good news :-)

> Original start with GUI hung because data sets were not defined.  After
> letting it idle itself for an hour I interrupted it, commented out the
> GUI and started mcidas without it to set up DATALOC etc.


> One problem I seem to have is fonts in the mctext window--it is a rather
> large (well, not outsized), blocky text that seems to insert a space between
> each letter. In fact, it does insert a space between each letter as you type.
> Makes reading the help screens almost unbearable, and they're a large part
> of my interaction with mcidas, unfortunately.
> On startup, in the Linux text window:
> Warning: Cannot convert string "9x15bold" to type FontStruct

This seems to indicate that not all of the fonts that McIDAS wants are installed
on your machine.  Exactly which one(s) are missing is not known off of the top
of my head.

> So I went ahead and tried to comment out that font and use another--same deal.
> So I uncommented the fonthead and fontail entries and tried the alt->< stuff 
> in
> the window--no change and an error recorded for each key push.

OK, this is definitely something that needs investigation.

> Obviously, it could be that I don't understand what I'm doing, but I seem 
> unable
> to get a decent text setup.

Seems like missing fonts, not user error :-)

> On the plus side, the quick test in the installation manual about bringing up 
> and
> IMGDISP of the topo dataset worked fine, so at least we are up graphically.

Very good!

> Thanks.

No worries.

> Really no need to work on this until after your weekend.  As I said, this is 
> fairly
> back-burner right now. I'm really just playing around.   Wait until Monday.

No worries.  I am in the process of preparing a machine for shipment/use to/at 
AMS conference in Phoenix.  Poking at the McIDAS installation on your machine
kinda fits in to the overall effort.


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