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[McIDAS #AVW-168180]: Problem when I try to download MCIDAS

Hi Francisco,

> Thanks for your help.

No worries.

> At the moment I am doing some simulations with WRF model and I have to
> evaluate the outputs. Some interesting software appear in the WRF
> website, and I would like to test all software as possible to do this
> task. I have tested IDV and CDAT to view netcdf files and mapping it and
> I would like to test McIDAS software too. I thought although  McIDAS'
> strength is in the analysis of satellite data, it was possible to open
> netcdf files and to view it too. Is it possible?

Not really.  Some data in netCDF format can be visualized in McIDAS, but
McIDAS's support of netCDF is not as robust as it is for other formats
like imagery in AREA, HDF4 EOS, GINI, NEXRAD Level III.

> Anyway, McIDAS software
> could be very useful software for future research.

OK.  I am not trying to dissuade you from using McIDAS.  I just wanted to
make sure that you are getting something you actually need and will use.

> I have read in McIDAS website that McIDAS-Lite is a free package and it
> is available to anyone. I'm going to test it.

OK.  If you decide that you want to get access to the full McIDAS distribution,
please send us an email that clearly states that you qualify to get the package
(the terms included in the previous email I sent).

> I'm sorry if I have caused you much troubles.

No troubles at all. I was trying to look out for your interest/time :-)

> Best regards and sorry for my english,

Your English is good!


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