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[McIDAS #GCP-131962]: McIDAS 2008 install on weatherx.admin.niu.edu

Hi Gilbert,

> I just followed the instructions and installed McIDAS 2008 on weather,
> weather2, and weather3.admin.niu.edu.

Great!  It wasn't that hard was it :-)

> Any chance you could you take a
> quick look-see to make sure all is well?

I got a chance this morning.  My preliminary comments are included below.

> I'm not seeing error messages
> in my ldmd.log, but for some reason, the mcxconfig seemed to be from the
> 2007 version.

Interesting.  Why do you say this?  When I logged onto weather this morning,
the version of 'mcxconfig' that would be used is the one installed yesterday.

> Hmmm. Other than that, it seems to be working fine...

I verified that the POINT data (metars, etc.) are being decoded correctly
and that I can access them via  ADDE from my home machine.  I am unable,
however, to access the images in the RTIMAGES dataset.  I am betting that
you are storing the images in a different directory structure than the
default distributed with my McIDAS-X/XCD release, and that you did not
change the ~mcidas/data/LSSERVE.BAT file when prompted by 'mcxconfig'.
What is needed now is:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/data
-- edit LSSERVE.BAT and change the location for the images that will be part
   of the RTIMAGES datasets
cd ~mcidas/workdata

I am guessing that if you overlooked this on weather, you likely overlooked
it on weather[23] also.

> Let me know if you find anything, if, again, you get time. Thanks!

I will poke around some more.  So far, I only checked RTPTSRC and RTIMAGES.

> P.S. Haven't installed the patch file yet, hope to download it and install
> on Friday when I get time.

Which patch file?  There has not been an addendum released for v2008 yet.
The addendum that is available, therefore, is empty (it is a place holder
until a real addendum is cut).  I anticipate doing an addendum sometime
next week after I get to the bottom of some weirdness that I have found
running in 64-bit mode under Solaris 10 x86.  The weirdness is in the processing
of GRIB2 data only, so it will not affect you since you are not (I believe)
doing any GRIB/GRIB2 processing using McIDAS (true?).  There are a couple
of other buglets that will be fixed in the addendum, however, so you will
want to install it when it is announced.

> Thanks again, as always!

No worries.


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