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[McIDAS #LYX-268396]: converting .grb to McIDAS grids

Hi Darren,

> Thanks for the assistance. I actually found another way to convert from .grb 
> to .grd
> other than the gribdec routine you mentioned: I used "DSSERVE LOCAL/_ GRIB 
> DIRFILE='_.grb' ", which worked well.


> Now, I'd like to know if there's a way to convert from McIDAS GRID back to 
> .grb. This
> would save me a lot of work. It's a long explanation, but basically I need to 
> contour
> snowfall data in GEMPAK. I already have the code written to convert the 
> snowfall data to
> point data in McIDAS (which was a lot of work that I don't want to repeat for 
> GEMPAK), from
> which I can write the data to a grid, which I then need to change to .grb to 
> eventually plot
> in GEMPAK (all of this is because I like the contouring capabilities of 
> GEMPAK over McIDAS).
> Anyways, if there's a way to go from GRID to .grb let me know. Thanks

There is no routine in McIDAS that will convert a field stored in a GRID file 
back into
a GRIB message.

What you may be able to do if your grid is small enough is to dump the grid 
values out in
an ASCII format and then use them as point data in GEMPAK.  I have never done 
anything like
this since I am not GEMPAK users, but it would seem that it is not out of the 
question that
it would be possible.

The other possibility is to turn the gridded field into an image in McIDAS AREA 
(GRDIMG) and then use the image in GEMPAK.  The Unidata distribution of GEMPAK 
has a pair
of programs that can turn images into grids (img2gd) and grids into images 
(gd2img).  Steve
Chiswell wrote these so that sites could use the grid capabilities of GEMPAK to 


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