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[McIDAS #XRR-599672]: Configuring scouring of McIDAS data

Hi Samuel,

> You're right, I did run the mcxconfig initially without model processing.  I
> erroneously thought re-running mcxconfig with model processing would fix the
> problem.  Sorry about that.

'mcxconfig' does not modify ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf, rather it creates the ldmd.conf
entries that should be used for the McIDAS processing that was selected during
the run.  The user is required to add the entries to ldmd.conf by hand.

> I'll get on the scouring the model data right away, I forgot that the model
> processing needs to be scoured after 10 days.

Don't forget about the POINT data processing (i.e., scouring of MDXXnnnn files).

> P.S. I was mistaken when I stated that ADDE was working.  I had to add mcadde 
> to
> the mcidas group, so it could read the /home/mcidas directory, but now it's
> working great.  Honestly this time it REALLY works.

Very good.

> Thanks again for all your help, and have a good weekend.

No worries.

The following _really_ should be a new inquiry as it has nothing to do with the
questions in this thread.

> P.P.S I've been stumped by the McIDAS workshop "Real-time Data Access - 
> Gridded Data".
> Section 9.8, step 4 describes the commands to create a temperature correction 
> advection
> grid for the Continental US.  For some strange reason, when I try to execute 
> step 4's 2
> lines, it only shows contour lines in the upper left hand of the map (Parts 
> of Washington,
> Oregon, and British Columbia).

The plot shows that the areal coverage of the fields plotted does not cover the 
US; instead, the fields cover Alaska.

> Just as an experiment I've tried the NGM-ALL model, instead of the NAM-ALL 
> model, and
> sometimes NGM will display contour lines for the entire US, but today it only 
> shows contour
> lines for the North-West US as well.

I will need to upgrade the workshop materials to force the use of grids that 
cover the
continental US.

> Please find enclosed image.  Yellow represents the NAM model output, Blue 
> represents the NGM model output.

Yup, the grids selected are Alaska grids.  Try adding the keyword sequence 
grids.  This may give you what is needed.


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