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[McIDAS #XRR-599672]: Configuring scouring of McIDAS data

Hi Samuel,

> 1)The line:
> exec    "xcd_run MONITOR"
> is in ldmd.conf

Very good.

> XCD_START.LOG is created in ~ldm/logs, and all the other decoders start up
> fine,

Yes, but I am suspicious that they are not running correctly.

> just DMGRID, and DMBIN keep complaining repeatedly about not being able to
> find GRIBDEC.PRO, or GRBFILER.PRO respectively.  I'm experiencing DÃjà vu, 
> from October, all over again.


> 2) see enclosed file workdatals.txt
> 3) see enclosed file  redirect.txt
> 4) see enclosed file strings.txt
> 5) see enclosed file homels.txt
> 6) see enclosed file XCDDATAls.txt
> 7) see enclosed files ldm.txt,mcadde.txt,mcidas.txt

OK.  The 'TL' listing for McIDAS strings shows needed McIDAS enviornment 
variables, XCDDATA
and MCDATA, are _not_ defined.  This is likely the entire cause of your 
problems, but the
fix is more than just defining them.

Try the following:

1) stop the LDM (as user 'ldm')

2) as 'mcidas':

   cd $MCDATA
   te.k XCDDATA \"/home/ldm/data/mcidas
   te.k MCDATA \"/home/mcidas/workdata

   cp ../data/SCHEMA /home/ldm/data/mcidas
   cp ../data/SYSKEY.TAB /home/ldm/data/mcidas
   cp ROUTE.SYS /home/ldm/data/mcidas

   redirect.k ADD SCHEMA \"/home/ldm/data/mcidas

   batch.k XCD.BAT

3) restart the LDM (as user 'ldm')

I believe that you did not run the McIDAS configuration script 'mcxconfig', or 
if you did run 'mcxconfig' the environment was not setup correctly before its

> You can probably log into shu1 (, but it might be a good idea
> if I tried to figure this out without someone logging in for me

I will hold off on trying to login to see if the above gets you going.

> I might need to fix Shu some day, in the middle of the night... :-)

I hear you...


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