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[McIDAS #HVX-774667]: "execv( /home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh ) failed: Permission denied" on 64-bit redhat 5.0 enterprise

Hi Tyn,

I am currently involved in the Unidata User's Committee meeting, so my replies
will be sporadic...

> As you know, we're trying to install McIDAS-X 2007g (Erdenetsogt.S, Odbayar.M,
> and Tyn) here at the ICC-Mongolia but ran into the following error:
> pipe read: Connection reset by peer

This indicates that the connection to the server was apparently dropped on the
server side  before the client request was fulfilled.  My best guess for why 
may be happening includes:

- ADDE server was installed in 'mcadde' account BUT the 'mcadde' account is not
  sharing the 'mcidas' HOME directory

- there is some problem with the compression being used in transfers. For 
  the setup for the user specifies use of 'compress' compression and 'compress'
  is not installed/accessible on the server side (same machine, I know).  The
  recommendation is that the compression type used (via the MCCOMPRESS 
  variable) is 'gzip':


Other than that, I am a bit stumped.  Is it possible to get a login as 'mcidas' 
the machine you are working on?  If yes/maybe, then it would be good if you
could allow SSH access from laraine.unidata.ucar.edu ( and
yakov.unidata.ucar.edu (  If only one machine can be allowed
then please allow laraine.unidata.ucar.edu.

The other thing that would be useful for my troubleshooting would be:

- you allow ADDE access to your machine (port 112 from any machine)
- give me the IP address of your machine (an IP to name lookup doesn't work)

This way I could run tests from here to there and do some independent 
The most useful access would, of course, login access to the machine with
permission to make changes if necessary.


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