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[McIDAS #NJD-528776]: GINI Sounder Cloud Top Pressure image

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for not answering yesterday; I was out of the office...

> Thanks for checking, and we'll look forward to the fix.

Very good.

> Just so I understand, the BRIT-->CTP conversion as implied in the CTP.ST
> table is linear, with endpoints (76,950) and (255,150)?

The input values range from 150 to 950, and the output values range from 255
to 76.

> And out of curiousity, how did you extract the the listing out of the
> (binary format) stretch table?

In McIDAS you list the content of stretch tables with the SU utility:

SU -- Image data stretching utility
   SU INI name type unit <keywords>
   SU MAKE name inlo inhi britlo brithi
   SU LIST string
   SU TABLE name
   INI | initializes the stretch table defining the type of calibration,
         calibration units and initial breakpoint settings; must be done
         for making a new stretch table
   MAKE | enters breakpoints in the table using brightness levels
   LIST | lists the stretch tables saved on the workstation (def)
   TABLE | lists the breakpoints stored in a stretch table
   name | name of stretch table; 8 characters maximum
   string | list only stretch tables beginning with this character string
   type | calibration type for the input table (def=any calibration type);
          to find the calibration type of an image, run IMGLIST FORM=ALL
          and see the value for "type" in the output
   unit | calibration units for the input table; valid units are RAW,
          BRIT, RAD, TEMP, ALB or user-defined units; use command IMGPROBE
          or D to list available units for an image (def=BRIT)
   inlo | low value of the breakpoint for input values; specify in units
          input with the 'unit' parameter

So, the listing was generated with:


> Cheers,
> Kevin
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